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Clinton finds her voice – but the sexism that greets women’s speech endures

Written by: Kae Reynolds

After a campaign lasting more than a year and taking in all 50 states, Hillary Rodham Clinton has delivered a speech that will go down in history. 879 more words


Even Jesus Hates Hillary ... ?

In a wife-beater tank, he held his sign high. In a cut-his-throat motion moved his free hand in a sweeping motion under his chin and then proceeded to offer a thumb’s down in my direction. 1,020 more words


Trump Attacks the Mother of a Slain American Soldier

First, Donald Trump attacked John McCain, a Vietnam POW. Today, Trump attacked the mother of a slain soldier.

A slain soldier. A mother. Think about that. 310 more words

Clinton Ex Cathedra, by Lawrence Murray

Lawrence Murray analyzes Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech and fills in the many blanks. From Murray at alternative-right.blogspot.com:

I didn’t watch Hillary Clinton’s acceptance coronation speech at the DNC. 662 more words


Thank you Harvey Mansfield. I, a Trump Devotee, HAVE HAD IT WITH THE GOP

I had never been a Donald Trump entertainment or builder fan……until last August 6 when our Donald had the guts to note  Rosie O’Donnell as a  “disgusting”  when he was attacked by  butch pretender, Megyn Kelly at the Fox Republican candidates ‘debate’. 977 more words

American Culture

One Man Tells His Emotional Tale About How Hillary Clinton Helped Him Battle Cancer

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has a long, storied history of service when it comes to the United States, which has perhaps become lost in the recent headlines. 514 more words

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