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Zero Hedge - Republicans Blast Hillary: "Not Even Nixon Destroyed The Tapes"

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 03/29/2015
As reported yesterday, the Hillary emailgate scandal took a turn for the worse and far more dramatic yesterday, when it was reported that not only did the former Secretary of State delete selected emails which in her opinion were “personal”, but that she then decided to wipe her home-server clean, a server which it is still unknown why she used when the US government itself was perfectly happy to host her email communication on far more secure, if FOIA-accessible, servers. 951 more words

Run Billy Run

Young girls from across America “run” while giving their top 5 reasons why Hillary should “run” for president.

And they’re joined by a certain former… 49 more words


Germanwings Flight 9525

From Abel Danger:

United States Marine Field McConnell has tracked e-mails, allegedly crafted since 1996 by John Deutch and Hillary Clinton for HSBC clients to spoof the State Department, to Serco mentorship of a Base One Technologies honeypot server and a Black Hand*ambush of the USS Cole as it refueled at the dockside in Aden Harbour on 10/12/2000.

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Hillary Clinton

The Case For Hillary Clinton | My Thoughts

Although I always try to stay open-minded—a few words with Sec. Albright left me thinking Hillary Clinton is the best choice for President: not because she’s a woman, not because she’s a Democrat—but because she’s simply the best person for the job. 1,080 more words

Connections With George Fisher

Jan Hobbs reblogged this and commented:

I agree that Hillary Clinton is the best person for the job in 2016. One thing that Hillary has over other possible Democratic candidates is that she is a centrist. Having Hillary Clinton run will get left-leaning Republican votes, the women's vote, and Democratic votes. So when people ask, "Are you ready for Hillary?" my resounding reply is YES I AM!

Those Who Fail To Learn From History Will Be Screwed When Caught Red-Handed

He erased a tape. She wiped a hard drive. He didn’t get away with it…but then he wasn’t a Democrat. We’ll see about her.

Democrats Caught Up in Controversial Indiana Religious-Freedom Law

Indiana’s new religious-freedom law, which has prompted calls for a state boycott because it might permit discrimination against gays and lesbians, was made law by a Republican governor and Republican legislature. 673 more words

The Teacher Ate My Homework

I hope that you will bear with me as I use a personal life experience to explain how I feel about the recent turn of events that have former Secretary of State  1,234 more words

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