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కల్పిత వార్తలు- కట్టు కధలతో హిల్లరీకి దెబ్బ- మోడీకి లబ్ది


    ప్రస్తుతం ప్రతిదీ నకిలీ, కల్పిత మయం. దీంతో ఏది నిజమో కాదో, ఎవరు నిజాయితీ పరులో కాదో తెలుసుకోవటం ఎంతో కష్టంగా మారుతోంది. నిజాన్ని నిగ్గు తేల్చే ఓపిక, వనరులు అందుబాటులో లేకపోవటంతో అనేక మంది అనుమానం వచ్చినా కాదని ఖండించలేని, విశ్వసించలేని పరిసి&థతి అయితే ప్రపంచవ్యాపితంగా జరుగుతున్న తీరు తెన్నులను చూస్తే అత్యధికులు నమ్ముతున్నారు. 7 more words

Current Affairs

Obama: I ‘absolutely’ suffered racism in office

Outgoing U.S. President Barack Obama has disclosed that he ‘absolutely’ suffered racism in office, adding Americans’ ‘primary concern about me has been that I seem foreign’. 500 more words


F**king Around!

NEW YORK – Harvard law professor and progressive activist Larry Lessig has announced that he is teaming up with a California-based law firm to offer “free and confidential” legal services to any members of the Electoral College who will vote against President-elect Donald Trump in violation of state law. 270 more words


Through the Looking Glass

CIA says Moscow’s efforts specifically intended to hurt Clinton’s election prospects.

Donald Trump has rejected the assessment of the US intelligence community that alleged hacking by Russia in the months before the election was aimed at helping the property mogul beat his rival Hillary Clinton. 493 more words


Mikhail Zygar: Why Putin Prefers Trump

With signs of Russian involvement in the damaging Democratic National Committee email hack, questions have been increasing about just what Putin’s motives might be when it comes to the US presidential election. 735 more words


'SNL': Angela Merkel Is Bummed She & BFF Hillary Clinton Can't Do Each Other's Makeup

News alert! Michael Che and Colin Jost teamed up for a superb ‘Weekend Update’ sketch for the Dec. 10 episode of ‘Saturday Night Live,’ tackling several current events! 345 more words


I have watched and listened to the republican President-Elect Donald Trump on the campaign trail as he continues to convince his followers over and over again of his commitment to them, with phrases like “We will put our workers back to work in this country, not peoples from other lands.” And he declares this so convincingly to his zealous followers as he continues to hire all foreign workers to be the cooks, waitresses, cleaning crews, etc. 1,223 more words