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Obama Knew Russia Was Involved In Our Government Going All The Way Back To 2014: That Is Bad!

This has to be talked about because now it’s official and this is as bad as it comes from Marxist Obama. Just think for a moment of the fact that Obama has allowed the narrative to fester of a collusion between the Trump presidential campaign and Russia with the corporation of Hillary Clinton and the whole Democratic Party to push that narrative when in fact Obama knew all alone it was a lie because it was he himself that was allowing Russia to penetrate our politics for various different reasons, in other words he did not demand a stop to it from Russia since 2014 mind you instead he allowed a whole country to think that it was all about Trump and Russia, that is bad but can We The People expect any better from this Marxist! 435 more words

Wikileaks Rejected Russian Documents to Focus on Hillary Clinton??!!

The media is currently reporting on how Julian Assange and Wikileaks apparently rejected leaks on the Russian government. All the articles source a Foreign Policy article which is suspicious to say the least.


Commuters, Gladiators & Me

After my experience with my last Spinraza injection, I came into Dose #3 like a soldier ready for battle. If there was a potential contingency, I had already thought of it— at least twice. 789 more words

Anne Frank Center To Twitter: Delete Trump's Account

This is where we are in August 2017: The U.S. organization, the Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect  made a plea with Twitter corporate to delete Trump’s Twitter account. 652 more words


Is Trump Going to be a One Term Oddity or a Two Term President?

Donald Trump, who managed to win the Republican nomination by straddling the fence between white nationalists and disenfranchised working class white voters, appears to be loathe to abandon that winning formula. 468 more words


"You Can't Change History"? Really? What About Airing It Out A Little Bit?

Hat tip to Charles P. Pierce for his comment the other day that while he doesn’t want to sanitize history, he would like to fumigate it.   675 more words