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Do Black Lives Matter To Presidential Hopefuls? Candidates Weigh In At First Democratic Debate

Tuesday night’s highly anticipated democratic debate brought burning questions to the five candidates that took the Las Vegas stage, but no one question held more potential to boost (or break) a campaign than an inquiry about Black lives in America. 560 more words


Hillary, Bernie, and the Rest: Democrats Face Off in First Presidential Debate

Finally, Hillary and Bernie, head to head. Oh, and three other people, too.

The Democratic candidates for president faced off in their first debate tonight, with front-runner and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton looking to stem the rising tide of Vermont Senator and self-described Democratic socialist Bernie Sanders, running second in the polls. 1,222 more words

Democratic Debate: 5 Most Memorable Moments as Clinton and Sanders Face Off

The focus going in to the first Democratic presidential debate was on the rivalry between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, but the moment that got perhaps the most attention of the evening was prompted by an opinion they share. 935 more words


Hillary Clinton Leads All Candidates in YouTube Views

Each Democratic candidate got their share of screen time at the debate in Las Vegas tonight, but former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was far ahead of the pack in views on YouTube. 156 more words

Sanders Defends Clinton in First Democrat Debate

Hillary Clinton Shows Her Appreciation for Bernie Sanders’ Supportive Comments

The highlight of the first Democratic debate, hosted by CNN, was when Senator Bernie Sanders was asked about Hillary Clinton’s e-mail scandal and he replied with “Americans are sick and tried of hearing about your damned emails!”  His comment drew the biggest applause of the night. 54 more words


Hillary Clinton: Republicans Love When ‘Big Government’ Limits Women's Right To Choose

Hillary Clinton burned Republicans during the first Democratic debate. When addressing Republicans’ complaints that paid maternity leave would create more ‘big government,’ Hillary pointed out that they don’t mind it when government restricts a woman’s right to choose! 406 more words

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