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Jeb Bush Video Takes Aim at Donald Trump’s ‘Manhattan’ Mind-Set

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Former Gov. Jeb Bush of Florida is pulling no punches with Donald J. Trump, assailing him in a new online advertisement as a fake conservative. 108 more words


New poll indicates exactly who’s supporting Donald Trump — and the GOP should be worried

salon.com – Scott Eric Kaufman

The question of precisely which segments of the Republican base are responsible for insurgent candidate Donald Trump’s dominance in the polls has been answered, and the answer isn’t pretty — but it’s really not surprising. 86 more words


Tellin It Like It Is

Like I say in this week’s political Dustinland comic, it’s so easy to just tell people what they already believe. Orwell said it in 1984. 221 more words

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Republicans Wary of Donald Trump’s Populist Tone on Taxes

nytimes.com – ALAN RAPPEPORT

WASHINGTON — For years, Republicans have run for office on promises of cutting taxes and bolstering business to stimulate economic growth, pledging allegiance to a Reaganesque model of conservatism that has largely become the party’s orthodoxy. 87 more words


5 Biggest Losers Of The GOP Primary So Far

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The Republican Party is trying to hold itself together in the midst of a long-predicted implosion.

Political scientists will warn you that polls taken in the August before a presidential election year are as pointless as 9-year-old’s career plan. 53 more words