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Listen to young Hillary's intelligence and passion

Opening the below site actually enables you to listen to Hillary Rodham’s commencement address in 1969. It might be a bit long for most of us use to sound bites and memes. 78 more words


Pennsylvania Poll: Clinton lost 6 points in just five days, Trump in statistical tie

Muhlenberg College/Morning Call

2016 Pennsylvania Election Survey Late September Version

Key Findings:

1. With about 6 weeks left until Election Day Hillary Clinton holds a 3-point lead in a headto-head matchup with Donald Trump among likely voters in Pennsylvania. 109 more words

2016 Election

Yes, Let's talk about Gennifer Flowers- shall we....

Okay, so Mark Cuban knowingly or unknowingly is backing Globalist Hillary Clinton in the coming Presidential Election. I genuinely have always liked Cuban, but to back a Globalist? 697 more words


I Made the New Yorker TWICE!

No joke. I am elated.
I only found out today.
From the August 29 article
Donald Trump, Poetic Muse:

While some poets are tentatively positive (“Call me a chump / But I’m with Trump”), the vast majority register negative reactions to Trump and his candidacy. 319 more words

My Shameful Addiction - To Poetry

Hillary Caused Libya's Current Troubles

Sure, he was no saint but he was far better than what Hillary replaced him with.  Hillary was one of the main instigators of his being deposed, perhaps in part because he refused to “contribute” the the Clinton Foundation pay-to-play scheme.   13 more words


Who will win the debate on Monday, September 26, 2016?

100 million American will watch the debate between Hillary and Donald, a world record. This is more spectators that will watch Monday night football! Let’s analyse together who will win the debate on purely psychological principles: 451 more words

Value Clarification

Bead or Bead-not ~~ There is no middle ground

by Lee Louise

Serendipity. It has to be serendipity. There is no other explanation. All the pieces fell into place, and against all odds, here I am, about to start another project! 611 more words