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A Sell Out Of Many Colors

I ran into a former coworker and fellow newspaper guy a couple days ago and he brought up how mean people are during this political season. 845 more words

Corporate Media and Bias by Omission

I don’t normally watch political conventions but this year I’ve  watched both.

As with most Bernie supporters I’m sick of watching the erosion of my wealth by people who spread hatred and fear in an elitist game of divide and conquer. 1,336 more words



I had a mother who loved me. Yes, mothers are supposed to love their kids, but mine–she took that supposition to next level heights. I grew up with an unwavering sense that the ground was firm below me and that I was capable of reaching great heights. 350 more words

Mom Musings

Probably My One and Only Political Post ... And No I'm not going to tell you who to Vote for

This election cycle has been weird and crazy. This election cycle has been painful at times and at some moments filled with joy. In the interest of transparency, I will say that I am a liberal progressive and I did in fact vote for Bernie in the Primaries. 684 more words


If I Could Interview A Democrat

I’m sitting here waiting for the big moment. Bill Clinton is about to take the stage and be the iconic, transcendent democrat that he always is in a moment like this. 1,204 more words



As a good millennial, I have been following the 2016 Election Season with more interest than I give to my graduate classes (which I’m paying big bucks for). 602 more words

The Clintons Have a History of Oppressing Women

Time and time again we hear people say, “It’s time for a woman in the White House,” when they are asked why they support Hillary.  I understand what they are saying.   1,121 more words