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Answering Big Mouth

Answering Big Mouth

So Big Mouth got in,
And they’re feeling pissed
About his links with Russia
An’for Hillary’s near miss.

“It’s bad for Democracy. 62 more words


Never Having To Say You're Sorry - The Unfriend Feature

Yesterday, I got angry at a post I saw on Facebook. Here it is:

One thing I’ve learned about certain people on Facebook is that you should take a screenshot of conversations like this one because usually, within minutes of losing an argument, the poster will take them down and Unfriend you. 493 more words

Everything Else


Yesterday’s inauguration was historic, the 45th time in American history. All of the liberals who did not attend will one day regret it, congratulations to the Clintons for not doing the same. 22 more words


Piano Guys, performers at official inaugural ball, play “Fight Song,” Hillary Clinton’s campaign anthem

The performers at one of President Donald Trump’s inaugural balls performed a rendition of the song that became the rallying anthem for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign —…


Calm Down

With the Inauguration of Donald Trump you have set the bar very high.

You have declared Trump a:

1. Racist
2. Homophobe
3. Misogynist
4. Fascist… 169 more words

Facebook and Politics

When  first heard of Facebook, I thought it would be a great way to reconnect with the people who I went to high school with, served in the Marine Corps and have just met over the years. 434 more words

Trump Protesters

The most popular chant seems to be

“No Trump! No KKK! No fascist USA!”

Which I find perplexing.

“No Trump” is a statement inherently against democracy. 156 more words