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Music- Chased Old Satan Through The Door By Woodie Brothers

This song was selected from the Hermit Poet’s Music Collection.

An old  North Carolina folk song recorded in 1931. When I listen to this funny song, I clap my hands, dance around and laugh. 21 more words


Banjos, cellos, plus groovie dance moves...

What more could one ask for?


I’m happy to have found another talented hillbilly punk band to add to my Hillbilly Punk Bands playlist.

These guys are good. 88 more words


Harlan Howard (1961) Sings Harlan Howard (LP) Capitol 1631

Harlan Howard

 Sings Harlan Howard


Capitol 1631

Produced by Ken Nelson

*** (noteworthy)

While sources are inconsistent–likely because facts are hard to determine when an artist comes from poor rootless beginnings–apparently Harlan was born in Detroit in 1927 and grew up in Michigan and Kentucky.   265 more words

Everybody's Truckin' - The Hopped Up History of Smokey Wood, The Hillbilly Hipster of Houston

By Tom Maxwell

If you happened to be in Houston in the late 1930s, and stepped nimbly in between the signboards on Main Street, you would have found yourself in the middle of a couple dozen tall, waving marijuana plants. 2,025 more words

Connie Smith (1966) Miss Smith Goes To Nashville (LP) RCA 3530

Connie Smith

Miss Smith Goes To Nashville


RCA 3530

Produced by Bob Ferguson

**** Recommend

Connie’s third album (and the first of three released in 1966).

Connie Smith (1965) s/t (LP) RCA 3341

Connie Smith



RCA 3341

Produced by Bob Ferguson

***** Good Shit

While some of her female contemporaries might be more well known, Connie could easily stand next to any of them, as this debut album surely shows. 161 more words

I'm very much country

I grew up to country music.
Like a second skin, I wear it.
I breathe it, I tune in to it always.
A country music CD always playing. 162 more words