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Mike Rep & Friends: Darby Creek Drifter (LP) 2014

540 Records

recommended ****


Rev offers a set of folk/hillbilly, a bit of a surprise from this Ohio underground legend, but it’s no surprise that this is an enjoyable set.

— winch

Eight Track Publishing

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Roselit Bone: Blacken & Curl (LP) 2015

Roselit Bone

Blacken & Curl


Rating: **** (Recommended)

Portland, Oregon cowboy, crawling along like a mule through the desert, mostly minimal instrumentations, but sometimes backed with string arrangements and occasionally horns from south of the border coming through the dry air. 26 more words

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Hunter S. Jones & Jennifer Theriot

Recently several of my author friends have decided to team up giving their stories more of an edge.  When you start with enjoyable and putting into high gear, you move into dy-no-mite territory. 276 more words

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 Black Hillbilly Music

DeFord’s family played tunes that were part of a rich tradition of string band playing shared by both blacks and whites in the early nineteenth century. 474 more words

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Nov. 12th in Gennett History, 1904: Eldridge Johnson Filed a ‘divisional (patent) application’...

Nov. 12th in Gennett History, 1904: Eldridge Johnson filed a ‘divisional (patent) application’ that included ‘a tablet having a sound groove of even depth elliptical in cross-section, widest at the mouth of the groove and gradually diminishing toward the bottom thereof.’ Gennett’s disregard of this patent claim caused the Victor Talking Machine Co v. 44 more words



So first things first, honky-tonk is a type of bar in the southern states, as we have dives and pubs, they have honky-tonk’s. So I am going to go ahead and say you can’t hate honky-tonk because that would mean you hate bars, which would mean you hate beer, which means you’re a lost cause to begin with….  181 more words

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