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Why did Obamas really lose their law licenses? Answer might surprise you. #tgdn #tcot

Now this was an interesting read; especially the insight into Chicago politics as well as the Obama’s work ethic. I knew it was sleazy but I had NO idea HOW SLEAZY! 22 more words


WLS Talk Star Competition! It's Go Time!

Hey everyone! I know it’s been awhile…actually it’s been since the last election when I drowned my sorrows in macaroni and cheese for a solid three months. 302 more words

Political Analysis, Action and Adventure, on Hillbuzz! Why Hello There, Kevin Dujan!

Kevin, you have won.


Your personal rights, along with those of your friends, as members of the LGBT community, have been strengthened.
We shouldn’t have to hear about the DOMA, ever again. 114 more words

No Street Money in Chicago; Could Obama Lose Illinois? Cook County?

A lot of anger in the rank and file because Barack Obama is not handing out the typical “street money” to hire thugs to work the precincts and intimidate black voters into showing up at the polls.

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Hillbuzz Dishes About Obama's Oahu Estate and 7-11 Coffee Campaign

30 minutes of hilarious Obama-bashing on blogtalk radio; Kevin DuJan and Megan Fox of Chicago-based Hillbuzz.org discuss the sleazy Obama fundraising campaign, the mystery multi-million dollar estate in Hawaii and   7-11 stores offering a red cup/blue cup coffee.  16 more words


How Mitt Wins

Yesterday I read something over at Hillbuzz that got me thinking:

Today I want to think about just who are the people who will be voting for Obama in November and see how that compares to the people who voted for him in 2008.

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Give me a break

I was over at Hillbuzz a little while ago, reading Kevin DuJan’s live commentary of the DNC (doesn’t that kind of remind you of a procedure some women get when their female plumbing goes awry?).   36 more words

American Spirit