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The Problem with Christian "Art."

As my first official “rant,” I thought something that would be a good start would be something I have often brought up to friends and family: Christian “art” (By art, I mean any medium of art; music, painting, movies, really any media). 1,106 more words


Joel Houston promotes social gospel with #blacklivesmatter.

The Houston legacy is proving to be an utterly clueless legacy. Like father, like son – Joel Houston appears to be as clueless about the gospel, as his father Brian Houston. 970 more words


My soul revived in Your broken hands

Do you ever have those songs that just hit you? And when I say “hit you” I mean hit you HARD? Like they hit you so hard that they have you ugly crying on the platform waiting for the C train on your way to work on a Friday morning? 212 more words

Nikon D3100

Hillsong - Mountain

See a light in the darkness
A city shining without a veil
This hill becoming a mountain
A solid rock that will never failYour Name my hope… 242 more words


Hillsong - Our Father

The words of Christ
Passed down through generations
The Son of God teaching us to pray
Echoed words
Father have Your will, Your way in me… 211 more words


Hillsong - My Story

God will always be my story
Nothing less than Christ my Savior
God will always be my hope
Nothing more than Christ alone

And this will be my story… 291 more words


Hillsong - All Things New

Your love’s making all things new
You’re working in all for good
For the things of this world
There is hope renewed
In the life that is found in You… 188 more words