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Northern Italian School Children Love Mein Kampf...

Several secondary schools included Mein Kampf, the manifesto of Nazi leader Adolf Hiter, in their top ten lists. The choice wasn’t confined to one region, with classes in Palermo, Catanzaro (Calabria), Potenza (Basilicata), Tivoli and Gaeta in Lazio, Trieste, Udine (Fruili-Venezia Giulia), and Piacenza (Emilia Romagna) all selecting Hitler’s book as one of their favourite reads. 22 more words


Man of the Year

A man is known by the company he keeps.

Apparently Donald Trump is in good company as he joins the ranks of Hitler, Stalin, Khrushchev, Khomeini and Putin as… 33 more words


How Could Europe Have Allowed the Holocaust to Occur?

HOW ON EARTH earth could a civilized, 20th century country have demonized an entire religion to the point of justifying deportation, genocide and the holocaust?  Not just those of the Jewish faith, but homosexuals , migrant gypsies, and the mentally/physically disabled – anyone deemed by the powers-that-be as foreign, or weak, or not just not “us.” 485 more words

Forgotten History

MEIN KAMPF -General comments

MEIN KAMPF, Adolph Hitler

There is no way to review this book at once. The author’s strength is speech, specifically oratory. The first thing to know, the purpose of oratory is not to be reasonable and sensical. 1,018 more words

So some people on FB have been a tad upset about the Cincinnati zoo incident where a gorilla was shot. I honestly think the zoo did the right thing in shooting the animal.

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The USSR Didn't Save the World from Hitler, It Allied w/Hitler

The left-wing historical revisionism of WW2 needs to go away

Ishaan Tharoor is an embarrassment to the Washington Post and he continues his proud tradition of spewing nonsense with some historical WW2 revisionism. 680 more words

Danger Five: The weirdest show

Danger 5 series 1 is about a group of top super agents during world war 2 under the command of The Colonel, as the international team of Spy’s from all over the allied nations on a mission to save the day and above all us Kill Hitler. 204 more words

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