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We built our kingdom
A crown tangled in my hair
You wore a crown too,
Our values were equally fair.
It was always just you and me… 33 more words

Moments of death & disaster

“A disaster is never a single event. It is a series of events that ultimately leads to a collapse” – Nat Geo.

Scene 1:

There was a moment of silence and in a moment it all broke down. 520 more words

My Life

The late AM.

Waking up at the early AM probably the most horrible thing you can be at the moment. You will start to think so much of the past and the future that you will start to grieve at your present. 396 more words


What Is the Chief End of Man?

Q. 1. What is the chief end of man?
A. Man’s chief end is to glorify God, [1] and to enjoy him forever. [2]

[1] Psalm 86. 730 more words

Biblical Reformed Theology

Nights of Love and Laughter (Henry Miller)

Henry Miller has such a reputation, I was rather expecting something racy and exciting, and then again, there’s the title. In that respect, this one was a bit of a disappointment. 1,258 more words


Notes from Being With Him

Communicate without words


Lack of wondering, full of wonder



Vulnerable feeling but at the same time safe

Risks worth taking

Shares inner world… 39 more words

Art Box

Dearest Guru

Dearest Guru,

I can see you now; raggedy red disheveled beard tickling your chest hairs- bald on top like the minute you were born, a little thin and sorrowful, eyes only bright from tears, furrowed brows, a barely noticeable slump in your shoulders, the worries of the world clawing your brain to shreds. 780 more words