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"Camera catches everything - even the slightest hesitation!" - Anandita Pagnis

Cute and confident are the words that come to mind when you look at her work. Having started commercial modelling while in school, she has more than 100 advertisements in her kitty. 1,115 more words

Model Interview

Jumla Region Trek, Part 1

After crossing over a small mountain range, we met the trucks in the Karnali river valley and stayed over night in Manma before continuing the next morning to Jumla along a one-lane road along a sheer drop off. 87 more words


भीमळ की लेतँण और सांदण की परोठी

क्या आपतें पता छन की गौं मा मट्ठा के पर छोल्दा, दही कै भांडा पर जमाये जांदी? मट्ठा छोळांण वाला बर्तन कैं बोल्दा परेड़ू और दही जमौंण कैं प्रयोग होंदी परोठी।अब तक आपतें पता चलीगी होलु कि आज हम बात कौला परेड़ू और परोठी की काष्ठकला और वांकु हमारा घर बार मा प्रयोग। एक सामान्य परेड़ू लगभग २०-५० लीटर तक कु होन्दु, बाकि कुछ ये सि बड़ा और कुछ छोटा भी होंदा।येका विपरीत परोठी लगभग ३-५ लीटर की होंदी और साइज मा भी कॉम्पैक्ट। 21 more words


Himalayan Girl 

Dedicated To All The Himalayan Girls

She is just a simple girl, with a simple life , not a model or any glamorous pride . 168 more words

From the Himalayas with Love

Nov 8th – Dec 4th 2016

28.0025° N, 86.8528° E

Three high passes, EBC and Kala Patthar

This is a story about two guys, five goals and shit-tonnes of adrenalin! 2,109 more words


Himalayan Trekking Nepal

Our dear friend Prem is a very experienced trekking guide, so if you are coming to Nepal and look for an adventure out of the ordinary book your trek here:

Himalayan Trekking Nepal


'Kasol the land of Marijuana'

Are you a marijuana lover? Yes or No? Are you still thinking? No issue here is the option for you. If yes, then you are talking about a place which comes third worldwide due to its quality of Marijuana. 162 more words