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Some Luxembourgish Insects

Insects I saw in Luxembourg!

Honeybee visiting Himalayan Balsam…the honeybees looked very different, but I don’t know why


Some sort of sharpshooter

Bumblebee visiting Himalayan Balsam (it’s a very attractive invader) 35 more words


Autumn approaches

So another month has been and indeed gone! I have always had a fondness for October so maybe it will bring good things, who knows I may even be lucky enough to see the very rare Little owl! 2,496 more words

Invasive Species

One of the greatest threats to our native ecosystem and domestic gardens is the arrival of pervasive and invasive species. Anyone who has taken a walk along local riverbanks, which are frequently clothed in Himalayan balsam, can see how these can become a real pest.   622 more words

Himalayan Balsam

This is a pesky invasive alien, spreading in damp places and crowding out our native marginal plants. The National Trust clear it regularly along the Wey, but a few plants always thrive anyway. 11 more words

Autumn Colour

Into the Valley of Flowers ...

I can safely say that our hotel in Ghangharia was one of the worst in which I have ever stayed.  The rooms were draughty, dirty and damp, there was no hot water and the cheerful Nepali kitchen staff had a very limited grasp of health and safety.  960 more words

Keylong to Kaza, Wednesday August 17

Today certainly felt like the road less travelled – the majority of the 180 or so km to Kaza, in the Spiti valley, was on unmade roads, so it was a long and bumpy day. 1,403 more words

Himalayan Balsam: The Waterside Alien

I’ve recently been on placement with the ecology team at Nottinghamshire county council. I’ve learnt so much and I am looking forward to sharing all. So here is so info on the invasive species that I spent a lot of team working with:… 626 more words

The Science Behind The Scenes