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The threat of invasive species to biodiversity: Biological control of Himalayan balsam

By Alan Gange. Reblogged from Open Access Government.

Alan Gange, Amanda Currie & Nadia Ab Razak (Royal Holloway, University of London), Carol Ellison, Norbert Maczey & Suzy Wood (CABI ) and Robert Jackson & Mojgan Rabiey (University of Reading) discuss the threat of invasive species to biodiversity, including the biological control of Himalayan balsam… 722 more words


In support of the dreaded Himalayan Balsam

Himalayan Balsam is a common weed familiar to everybody. It is vehemently hated by some and actively persecuted by others. However, it does have some redeeming features and whilst I can understand the reasons for it being much despised I feel somebody has to speak up in support of this controversial but defenceless and, even though invidious of me to say it, invaluable plant! 1,793 more words


Enlisting microbes to enhance Himalayan balsam biocontrol

Building on CABI research into the biological control of Himalayan balsam (Impatiens glandulifera) using a rust fungus (Puccinia komarovii var. glanduliferae), a Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) funded collaboration between Royal Holloway, CABI and the University of Reading is investigating the role of the microbial community associated with the plant and how these microbes may be exploited to enhance biocontrol efficacy and aid in the recovery of invaded sites. 682 more words

Invasive Species

Botanical Exuberance: On Himalayan Balsam

Through the summer, when walking through the woods and beside roads, I find my fingers extending out to touch a green and leathery seed pod. In response, the ovary wall curls back, and with a pop sends a shower of seeds to the ground. 969 more words

Here, at the ragged end of summer...

No fishing for me at the moment due to work and my wife’s shift patterns, though I will certainly be out soon, what with all the reports of codling and whiting showing along my stretch of coastline already. 316 more words

Alien invaders

Light rain and a stroll to North Hinksey along Willow Walk and across the stone bridge which fords North Hinksey stream.  The banks of the stream today are a celebration in pink, courtesy of   189 more words


Oh what a beautiful morning

Up early, and I went along to Cults, meaning to explore the old railway track. But a road closure meant I ended up going along toward Burnturk, then decided to follow a path downhill. 126 more words

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