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Himalayan Balsam

Impatiens glandulifera

This is plant which has gradually taken over large swathes of the local river banks and adjacent woodland, but it appears to have now stopped spreading, perhaps reluctant to delve into drier areas. 130 more words

Nature Photography

Riversearch June 2016: Alien invader - Japanese Knotweed

The main challenge with my Riversearch survey in June was seeing the river – since my previous survey, the plants along the riverbank. have shot up. 251 more words



A new plant has been added click on the following link to go to the page.


Lewisham DWP help out with the 3 Rivers Clean UP

A merry bunch of eager volunteers from the Lewisham branch of DWP came out on a wade today as part of the 3 Rivers Clean Up… 222 more words


30 Days Wild, Day 4 -A riverside diversion

There is a sense in which signing up for the whole ’30 Days Wild’ thing feels a bit of a cheat to me, at this time of year anyway, as it’s rare for a day to go past without me enjoying being outdoors in nature at some point. 252 more words

From Around the World to Blashford (unfortunately!)

It is the time of year when reserve officer’s thoughts turn to invasive plants, yes we can be a bit boring like that! Anyway after weeks of building tern rafts today the volunteers had a walk along the Dockens Water to look for… 406 more words

NEWS: choking weed / council surgeries / Colours memories? / solar farm latest / kiosk question

News-in-brief  from Draycott-In-The-Moors in late October 2015
News of…:  solar farm application withdrawn / do you have memories of Blythe Colours? / the balsam weed choking the river / parish councillor to hold discussion sessions  … 849 more words

Draycott In The Moors Parish Council