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DIY Facial Toner Menggunakan NUR Himalayan Salt dan Cuka Epal

Hari ini saya nak share mengenai DIY (do-it-yourself) facial toner yang saya buat 2 hari lepas. Dannn.. saya boleh nampak sedikit perubahan pada kulit muka saya especially di area dahi dan hidung. 175 more words


Add A Pinch Of Pink Salt To Your Daily Life

Salt’s ability to cleanse and detox is amplified with Himalayan Pink salt. Far from your mother’s Morton brand, pink salt is known for its much higher concentrations of the best vitamins and minerals—84 in total, to be exact. 72 more words


Rose and Pink Salt Facial Mist

Even though I am a cold weather person at heart even I can’t resist the call of lighter and fresher beauty products as the climate changes and our skin once again does a double take on us as it changes with the weather. 422 more words


If I Don't Try It, I Will Never Know

A friend of Littlun was recently diagnosed with Vitamin D deficiency. His level was a mere 2 points above mine when mine was discovered (his was 9, mine was 7). 916 more words

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Have You Tried Salt Lamp?

The light lamp that is glowing at the corner table of your bedroom is looking quite good. Spreading its low downwards light is looking quite good and you are happy to have it in your bedroom while sleeping. 462 more words

Himalayan Pink Salt

10 reasons Why Salt Is Good For Health!

Maybe, you have heard a lot in the health world about the salt. You may be a asking yourself a question that is salt good for me? 514 more words

Himalayan Pink Salt

Salt Plate Surf 'n Turf

Have you heard of this new trend? Cooking on an enormous block of 600 million year old Himalayan pink salt? Seriously! At the price of pink salt, you wouldn’t think there was enough salt in all the Himalayas to be able to sell it in 25 lb slabs. 824 more words

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