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Benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt

If you haven’t tried this, you must. Check out this Himalayan Pink Salt. It taste great and is really good for you. You can learn a lot about it on youtube. 88 more words

Spinach and Chickpea Curry

Got this recipe from an old issue of Vegetarian Times. So good for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. It’s a perfect combination with brown rice and fried fish or perfect with crusty bread, naan, flatbreads, or mini baguette. 128 more words


Copying Cleopatra's Foot Soak

I’m perpetually intrigued by Cleopatra, and her beauty secrets. I’m glad to learn I’m on the right track already, with the olive oil and castor oil (brows and lashes respectively); sweet almond oil (hair and under-eye circles); honey and baking soda (facial skin); goats’ milk lotion (refer to my earlier post on Gulnare Skincare); and apple cider vinegar, or ACV (hair rinse, facial toner, and internal cleansing tonic). 866 more words

Beauty: Inspirations From Life Lessons

Changing Your Salt Can Change Your Health

So, apparently salt is good for you? Yes, in fact it is! No, its not the table salt you’ll find at the your favorite restaurant or in your bag of potato chips at lunch time, but there are other types of salts that provide tremendous health benefits. 646 more words

A Better Way

The Best Thai Curried Chicken with Zucchini and Peppers

Got this gem of a recipe from tasteslovely.com; the presentation is superb, but as usual I meddled with the original recipe and altered the spice levels to the point where I was literally licking the bowl (sorry!). 327 more words


Turning "Longsilog" into Healthy Fare!

Hi, everybody, I am off for 3 nights so I’m here again with all of you; let’s talk about ‘Longsilog’. Longsilog is a short term for ‘longanisa’ for sausage, ‘sinangag’ for fried rice and ‘piritong itlog’ for fried egg. 372 more words