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Teas of the Himalayas

Akin to the spice-trader of yore, I returned home with some local village produce, picked up here and there in Uttarakhand. That’s what I’d like to think, anyway. 1,072 more words


Why The Himalayas Fascinates Me

My association with the Himalayas started long back primarily through the writings of few Indian authors. The readings had built a series of pictures in my mind and a tremendous longing for these places and finally, when I visited, I was overwhelmed by the visual treats and the experiences that the Himalayas offered. 361 more words



It was always said that there might be giants in the mountains, the way it was always said that there were gods on Mount Olympus, Yeti in the Himalayas, fairies in the hills of Britain. 304 more words


Sikkim Diaries-II Lakes & Valleys up North


Sixth of November,at 3am,lonely streets of Lachen in North Sikkim: While my fingers could tell the sub-zero temperature outside,I found myself strolling the streets of Lachen in solitude…and dreams of last hours in my mind. 1,555 more words


中国的黄金周 - China's Golden Week

Swtspontaneous recently asked me what China’s National (or Golden, as they say) Week is.  The official version, as I mentioned last year when I fled to… 211 more words


Darjeeling: through my hotel window

By the time I got to Darjeeling, I’d travelled full circle around India.

Delhi, down the west coast, zig-zagging across the south and then up the east coast to Calcutta. 358 more words