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The Mountains are Calling!

The past two months have been full of surprises for me. Some pleasant ones whereas some..just down right heartbreaking. But what I did manage to extract from this phase is that *Life goes on regardless*. 331 more words


Visit to Nunnery at the Remotest Place in India

This one visit changed my entire perspective towards Nun ship.

Being very liberal in my thoughts, I was never up for Girls choosing Nun ship over the so called normal life, At least don’t force them to become Nuns- you would find girls of age 5 years and below being Nuns- how fair is that, At 5 – I only chose which doll I want to play with. 284 more words


Annual Leave at Christmas - Where should I go?!

Luckily for me, my office has a forced closure during the Christmas period this allows me to have around 11 days in total off. I’ve spent the last 3 Christmas’ in London which have been lovely but as a keen traveller, I can’t bear to stay in London on my days off. 326 more words


Singing hills of Doon! 

Dehradun is a small hill-town, nestled amongst the valley created by the Shivalik and Himalayan mountain ranges.

Its undulating landscape is one of its charms and also the fact that one can see hills and mountains from almost every window that one looks out of!


In Search of Peace- Ladakh

This is about how my search for peace got started and gave birth to “Dipanshu Bansal-In Search of Peace.”

It was the time I was living my corporate life working with home grown company in Delhi and achieving my professional success. 1,839 more words


Himalayas calling.. (3)

day 2, afternoon

They say, Khecheopalri lake looks alike to the foot imprint of Lord Buddha. Trees shade not a single leaf in the water. If anything ever drop, local birds remove it from the lake surface instantly. 431 more words