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Charming Lansdowne

It was during the hot summers of May when my heart urged for a quick escape to mountains for fresh breeze. The idea was to relax and enjoy amidst soothing beauty of nature but I didn’t want the crowd besides me as well. 597 more words


That morning in Spiti..

30th May 2013.

After a day long treacherous – teeth clattering – nerve-wracking drive, we reached the small village of Tabo on NH22 in the evening. 176 more words


Must-see in Spiti

The place itself is a must-see. But with great difficulty, I narrowed it down to five things you have to see/do when you’re in Spiti Valley.  327 more words


Where the views and the drive take your breath away

I love adventures, big and small. And Spiti Valley was my biggest adventure to date. As I prepare to go on an African adventure (to some emerald mines no less) next month, I couldn’t help but reminisce and share… 1,061 more words


Up in the Mountains

up there, hell-bent iron claws
have only just begun to seep
into the worst of nightmares

sturdy feet, hooves and paws
otherwise, dance free and leap… 18 more words


Νεπάλ: Η μεγάλη κάθοδος

Το επόμενο πρωινό μόλις άρχισε να γλυκοχαράζει σηκωθήκαμε, όπως και οι υπόλοιποι ταξιδιώτες. Δυστυχώς το τοπίο δεν είχε αλλάξει από το προηγούμενο βράδυ και οι κορυφές των Ιμαλάϊων παρέμεναν πεισματάρικα κρυμμένες πίσω από την πυκνή συννεφιά.

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