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My Way

-sometimes I feel that the whole world is a magic. Which is there and not even there, these wind, clouds, air, snow, rain and springs. Their story can’t be described in words.


3 Bio-Diverse Hotspots

3 Bio-Diverse Hotspots

A bio-diverse hotspot is a region meeting two strict criteria: it must contain at least 1500 endemic (not found anywhere else) plant species and it has to have lost at least 70% of its primary vegetation. 1,101 more words


From Phalut To Gorkhey: The Forest Trail

“Umm…do you think that’s a bear behind the trees?!” I asked.
“I don’t care man. Even if it is, let it come and kill us. This place is so peaceful that I won’t mind at all resting here in peace forever,” remarked my friend. 1,048 more words


Tales from the Hinterland

It is the month of April. I’m travelling through narrow passes over valleys encrusted with thick layers of ice. An occasional stream rolls by its cusps; its course resounding with whispers of a gale through leaves and intermittent rain. 4,844 more words


Homeless within Home; A plight for people of Langtang 

      Earthquake not only shook them but triggered avalanche of record high since 80 years to swipe them away. This is tragedy and trauma that people of Langtang are facing. 620 more words