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The Halloween Indicator [investment strategy]

What it is – How it works?

Sell in May and go away is an investment strategy for stocks based on a theory (sometimes known as the Halloween indicator) that the period from November to April inclusive has significantly stronger growth on average than the other months. 711 more words


Why Oil Crash is Unlikely to Trigger Stock Market Crash

Falling oil prices in 2008 led to a stock market meltdown. It’s 2014, and oil prices are crashing again. Will stocks follow the 2008 script? We live in a complex world, and there are a number of correlations that may cause a surprise outcome. 620 more words

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Hindenburg Omen: RIP

Let’s make a deal.

On a day when pretty much all the major stock market indexes are flirting with historic highs, can we all just agree that the Hindenburg Omen, a technical indicator believed to portend a stock market crash, has no bearing on market performance? 180 more words

I'm a Slow Money Man in a Fast Money World

It’s probably understandable after more than a decade of bubbles, crashes, fraud and dysfunctional government that the investment pendulum would swing toward traders and scalpers. This trading mentality dominates the press and broadcast media, with a parade of guests recommending positions based mostly on short terms moves. 693 more words

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The Hindenburg Omen is Back! Will it Stick This Time?

Dogs that bark don’t bite. Like a barking dog, the Hindenburg Omen’s market crash signals have been notoriously off. However, there is one statistical signal that may restore the bruised signal’s reputation and credibility of the latest signal. 394 more words

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Market Timing - Trades You Can Apply Yourself

Below I will outline what I feel are some high-probability set-ups for a handful of swing trades. At the very least, maybe you’ll find it fun or interesting if you’re not up for the risk. 2,318 more words


Hindenburg Doing a World Tour & Jaws Of Death Sucking UP

No. Hindenburg has not arrived in America. It is doing an EM world tour leaving the NYA Index in peace. Next port of call – Europe ? 84 more words

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