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The Halloween Indicator [investment strategy]

What it is – How it works?

Sell in May and go away is an investment strategy for stocks based on a theory (sometimes known as the Halloween indicator) that the period from November to April inclusive has significantly stronger growth on average than the other months. 711 more words


The Hindenburg Omen

For those history buffs, the Hindenburg was the German airship (blimp) that in 1937 caught fire and was destroyed while docking at Lakehurst New Jersey.  This disaster was the basis for The Hindenburg Omen, a technical analysis pattern proposed by Jim Miekka who believed it could be used in predicting a stock market crash. 523 more words

Correlation versus Causation

For those not familiar with the terms:

  • Correlation is a statistical measure of the degree to which two variables are related. This relationship is measured by the correlation coefficient that postulates that a coefficient greater than 0.70 indicates a high relationship…
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