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PanchiKarana and the Pancha Bootas

At the end of the last post, we saw how the basic 24 elements came into existence. We also saw that each Pancha Bhoota or Gross Element is just associated with its own Subtle element or Tanmatra and how it is not so in actuality. 416 more words

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Creation of Universe in Hindu Scriptures

After the dissolution, the universe has to be created again. How does that happen? Who does what during this process? Who are the players? Read on to know… 457 more words

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Scion of Ikshvaku

This book is the first in the series of books inspired by the Ramayana (apparently), by Amish Tripathi, known for his Shiva Trilogy books. I really liked the latter, because it was a bit of a fresh air in the mythology-adapted-to-fantasy area, and Amish had adopted well known stories and gods and created quite an engaging world. 552 more words

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Asparas - India

In Hindu folklore an Aspara is a celestial nymph (cloud/rain/water spirit). We see them mentioned in the “Mahabharata,” The world’s most longest epic poem known. They are sometimes depicted as court dancer or musicians of the Hindu Deities. 445 more words

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Prakrita Dissolution - the elemental one

After the 3 types of Dissolutions, It is time for us to look at the most elemental of them all – The Prakrita Dissolution.

The Prakrita Pralayam occurs at the end of the life of each Brahma (You can recollect that the life span of a Brahma is 100 divine years) after He completes two… 362 more words

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Naimittika or Occasional Dissolution

In the last post, we saw about the 2 types of dissolutions- Nitya and Atyantika Pralayams- that are closest to us (relatively at least). In this post, let us gain some knowledge about the first 2 types. 399 more words

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Dissolution and Us

I ended the last post with some lingering questions about the first half of Brahma’s life and about the previous Manus. If you wonder what happened to them, Pralayam or Layam or dissolution – is what happened. 240 more words

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