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Hot 'Gas Giants'? Updated w/video

A paper titled “Temperature changes and energy inputs in giant planet atmospheres: what are we learning from He3+“ (Oct. 2012) states in its Conclusion: “Short-term variations in the temperatures of all three planets appear to result from changes within the thermosphere itself, either within the lower hydrocarbon-rich auroral regions on Jupiter or even directly at the peak He3+ emission, as we have now measured at Saturn.

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The Ramayana

Ok, so I haven’t ever read the Ramayana (or even the Mahabharata) officially, most of it has been drummed into my head by my mother, who is an accomplished… 1,068 more words

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Brahma- the creator of the universe in Hindu mythology

Hinduism is a vast religion and probably the oldest one on earth and since every religion has its own theory of birth or creation of the universe, it is apparent that the oldest religion with oldest mythology would probably have one as well. 495 more words


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Who Are The 12 Adityas in Hindu Mythology?

Who Are The 12 Adityas in Hindu Mythology?

If you only read one article on this blog, let it be this one. The 12 Adityas in Hindu mythology explain the evolution of consciousness from its primordial unformed state into energy that transforms into karmic manifestation. 2,765 more words

Ancient Symbolism

The monster which attacked Mars

In Hindu myth, Rāhu and Ketu are imagined to represent demons which cause eclipses of the ‘Moon’.  In astronomy these points are the nodes of the orbit of the Moon. 408 more words



When the demonic king Ravana abducted Sita deceitfully from the Dandaka forest, Lord Rama and his younger brother Lakshman were moaning in grief. They wandered all around the forest in vain. 185 more words