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kabaddi,kabaddi,kabaddi The Origin and History

Since ages, Indian terrains have seen many vigorous and brawny men chanting “kabaddi,kabaddi,kabaddi…” by holding their breathes and struggling through the mud to return to their court. 504 more words


Shakuni and Duryodhan

Source: Facebook (An Analysis by Vijay Bhide) 
Quite a lot has been said about the two characters of Mahabharat – some true, some untrue. TV Serials and (to a less extent) movies have added their own mirch and masala to the resumé. 1,545 more words

Chhau Dance

Hindu mythology: nothing is absolute

The Goddess Durga, the most popular form of Shakti, whose story is told in the Devi Bhagvatam is both power and love. Her face is made up like a bride but she carries in her arms weapons of war. 584 more words


Cupid and its indian counterpart, Kama, destroyed by Shiva

There was this fat flying guy in the sky with wings and a bow. He was the culprit (his name comes close) behind attaching people together with this thing he made them believe was love. 13 more words

By Me

koteshwar temple, kutch: an 1820 ode to shiva

I am not one for religious rituals for the simple reason that I am quite ignorant of most of them, whether it be what one is supposed to say and do in a temple, church, mosque, synagogue or gurdwara. 549 more words


Time Travel

Human being have always longed to travel through time…though it has always been a fiction or myth.Many stories have been written based on this concept. Yet we cannot disagree every sci-fi is based on at least some scientific explanations. 945 more words

Black Hole