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God : Surya

Indian culture lays great emphasis on worshiping the five gods. Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu and His incarnations, Lord Ganesha, Ma Shakti and Surya (Sun-god). This article describes the Sun,in a human form rather than a divine being. 972 more words

Hindu Mythology

The supernatural Aghori

The Aghori is considered to be a religious cult that broke away from the overarching Hindu religion in the 14th century AD. In Hindu mythology, it is believed that everything emanates from “Brahman” and that no evil exists. 588 more words


Lord Ganesha

The Story of Lord Ganesha: The Elephant God

The story of Ganesha is one of the most colorful in Hindu religion. Ganesha, the elephant-headed God, with his pot belly and the tiny mouse for his conveyance,  is an object at once of ridicule and reverence. 1,244 more words

When Cultural Influence Becomes Cultural Appropriation

The international film industries have created many cinematic masterpieces over time. Yet the constant using and morphing of ideas borrowed from other cultures has proven to be a controversial topic, bringing up questions of cultural appropriation. 635 more words


Kurma Avatar-4

Having accomplished his main objective of obtaining Goddess Lakshmi’s hands in marriage, Lord Vishnu did not deviate from his duty of helping devas.

Finally came out the young and beautiful… 434 more words

Hindu Mythology

कुरुक्षेत्र II

कर्म ही जीवन,
कर्म ही साधन।
कर्म ही,
मानव का संसाधन।
कर्म ही साँसे,
कर्म ही आँखें।
कर्म से ही,
मानव का भाग्योदय।
कंटीले पथ पे,
कर्म ही राही।
मृत्यु-शैया पे,
कर्म ही साथी।
कर्म ही पुण्य,
कर्म ही पाप.
कर्म ही,
मानव का लाभ.
कर्म ही वेद-पुराण,
कर्म ही गुरु-ज्ञान,
कर्म ही,
मानव का अभिमान।
कर्म से बंधे है सभी,
कर्म से उठे, और मिटे है सभी.
कर्म से ही, सजा,
ये कुरुक्षेत्र है.
इस कुरुक्षेत्र में भी,
सबमे भेद, बस उनका कर्म है.

परमीत सिंह धुरंधर

Hindu Mythology