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When Cultural Influence Becomes Cultural Appropriation

The international film industries have created many cinematic masterpieces over time. Yet the constant using and morphing of ideas borrowed from other cultures has proven to be a controversial topic, bringing up questions of cultural appropriation. 635 more words


Kurma Avatar-4

Having accomplished his main objective of obtaining Goddess Lakshmi’s hands in marriage, Lord Vishnu did not deviate from his duty of helping devas.

Finally came out the young and beautiful… 434 more words

Hindu Mythology

कुरुक्षेत्र II

कर्म ही जीवन,
कर्म ही साधन।
कर्म ही,
मानव का संसाधन।
कर्म ही साँसे,
कर्म ही आँखें।
कर्म से ही,
मानव का भाग्योदय।
कंटीले पथ पे,
कर्म ही राही।
मृत्यु-शैया पे,
कर्म ही साथी।
कर्म ही पुण्य,
कर्म ही पाप.
कर्म ही,
मानव का लाभ.
कर्म ही वेद-पुराण,
कर्म ही गुरु-ज्ञान,
कर्म ही,
मानव का अभिमान।
कर्म से बंधे है सभी,
कर्म से उठे, और मिटे है सभी.
कर्म से ही, सजा,
ये कुरुक्षेत्र है.
इस कुरुक्षेत्र में भी,
सबमे भेद, बस उनका कर्म है.

परमीत सिंह धुरंधर

Hindu Mythology

Kurma Avatar - 2

Lord Vishnu who took the Kurma Avatar, was actually enjoying the Samudra Manthan so much. Why would he not, when the movement of such a big mountain with its base on his back was actually making him feel very sleepy. 358 more words

Hindu Mythology

Kurma Avatar

Kurma avatar is the second of the Dashavatar. In this incarnation, Vishnu took the form of a tortoise to help the gods. But He had a selfish motive too. 615 more words

Hindu Mythology

The Epics - fresh once again!

The trend has been emerging, albeit very subtly. The area under discussion, however, has nothing subtle about it. The internet has become the driving force behind much of the world’s innovations, with a lot of what we call “necessary” being derived from, or for the virtual space and its 3 billion minions worldwide. 809 more words


PanchiKarana and the Pancha Bootas

At the end of the last post, we saw how the basic 24 elements came into existence. We also saw that each Pancha Bhoota or Gross Element is just associated with its own Subtle element or Tanmatra and how it is not so in actuality. 416 more words

Hindu Mythology