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The Economics of Manthan

Mythology has always been believed to be equivalent to religion, to be a professor of facts about the propitious past, about supreme deities with astounding powers. 1,842 more words

Economics Is Fun!!!

Behind the Scenes of ‘Vyasa’: From the Sketchbook of Illustrator Sankha Banerjee

Vyasa by Sibaji Bandopadhyay, is a stunning rendition of the beginning of the Mahabharata, the first of a trilogy that sets the stage for the grand battle of Kurukshetra. 77 more words


A Conversation Between Desire and Delight: the Poetry of Nanne Choda

As a kid, I loved reading about mythology: Greek, Egyptian, Hindu, you name it. I grew up reading the Percy Jackson books alongside Amar Chitra Katha… 3,212 more words



Lord Brahma, self-born,
Blooming forth from a holy lotus
Rooted in Vishnu’s navel.
Four faceted face,
Looking like a Keruv of Yahweh,
Each mouth composing a Veda. 231 more words


On The Banks Of 'Mahadev'

“ Om Tatpurushaya Vidmahe Vidmahe Mahadevaya Dhimahi Tanno Rudrah Prachodayat | ”
{Om, Let me meditate on the great Purusha, Oh, greatest God, give me higher intellect, and let God Rudra illuminate my mind.}

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Two genders in one body- beginning of Chandravarshi dynasty in Mahabharata

Our scriptures have many elaborate and extensive references to sex changes and alternate sexual identities.
Although they never mention homosexuality or bisexuality directly, yet there are tales of Gods or people whose attributes or behaviour are symbolic. 689 more words


हमारी लाज रे

पिता तुम तो हो कैलाश पे,
मैं हूँ यहाँ निराश रे.
तन – मन थकता ही जा रहा,
छोड़ गए विष्णु-ब्रह्मा सब साथ रे.

विकट प्रण धारण कर,
मैं निकला था शान में.
कंठ मेरे सुख चले अब,
और संकट में हैं प्राण रे.

साँसों को अब कोई आस नहीं,
ह्रदय में विश्वास नहीं।
तुम पुलकित कर दो ये पुष्प,
प्रचंड इन धाराओं में,
और रोक दो मेरा मान-मर्दन, उपहास रे.

हम रघुबंशी, हम सूर्यबंशी,
फिर भी कुल है आज कलंकित मेरा।
नाथ बनो, सनाथ करों, हे त्रिपुरारी,
अब तुम्हारे कर कमलों में हैं हमारी लाज रे.

परमीत सिंह धुरंधर