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Do Indian gods also have castes?

The caste system, or the Varna Vyavastha, is a function of human society and does not always apply to non-human beings.

It might help to understand that there are classes of Hindu gods. 297 more words


Why are Sacred writings of every religion other than Christianity considered mythology while Christian writings are considered history?

There is a Christian bias in most writing done by Christians about non-Christian religions. This applies even when seemingly secular scholars analyse religions like Hinduism, presumably because the Christian bias is still somehow a part of their mental make-up. 395 more words


Sita Sings The Blues

Who is Sita, and why is she singing the blues?

In the Hindu epic poem the Ramayana, we come across Sita. Born of the Earth, she was adopted by royalty, and wed to a prince named Rama. 482 more words


Have any Hindu gods ever actually demanded worship?

I don’t think so.

But let me tell you who does demand worship. Demons do. Asuras and world-conquering rakshasa kings.

Hiranyakashyapu was one such character. He descended upon the people he ruled with strict bans. 152 more words


Srimad Bhagavatham - What is a Purana

Till now, we have seen about Rama from different perspectives – that of his family to friends and enemies, as told in the Ramayana. The next progressive Avatar of Vishnu is Krishna. 326 more words

Hindu Mythology

Sing Me A Song

This week’s prompt: 39. Sounds—possibly musical—heard in the night from other worlds or realms of being.

The Resulting Story: The Earth Shakes
Mr. Lovecraft here proposes something like a much older notion: The music of the spheres. 1,022 more words


Water in Hindu Mythology

The Mother

Water has a huge significance in Hindu mythology and ritual, as a purifier, the giver of life and the destroyer of all evil. As such, sites where land and water meet are deemed to be of great significance. 678 more words