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~ Hanuman Sita ~

Artist: Sachin Nagar

“Sundarkaand: Triumph of Hanuman” comic book

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Why is Ganesha worshiped first in Hinduism?

Generally adored as the remover of hindrances, the supporter of expressions and sciences and the “Deva” of keenness and knowledge, Lord Ganesha (otherwise called Ganapati and Vinayaka) is one of the best-known and most loved divinities in the Hindu religion. 596 more words

Hindu Calendar

Shabari – The Half-Eaten Berry

The midday sun was gleaming beyond the normal. The hot wafts of winds were as dry as they could be. Though the seating arrangements in that old hut could have been better. 418 more words

Arpit Bakshi

Olympus Mons Origin

The largest features on the terrestrial planets did not just pop-up from the interior as currently taught. The Tibetan-Himalayan complex, 2600 square miles in extent, and the Tharsis Bulge on Mars, of which Olympus Mons is just a part, are not ancient features. 819 more words


मैं अपना तप दिखलाऊंगा

भारत की इस तपोभूमि पे,
मैं अपना तप दिखलाऊंगा।
तू बन के आ जा मेरी मेनका,
बरना मैं रावण सा तुम्हे हर जाऊँगा।
समझा दो तुम अपने पिता को,
की स्वीकार करे वो मुझको।
बरना मेघनाथ सा उनका तोड़ के दर्प,
तुम्हे बलपूर्वक अपनी भार्या बनाऊंगा।
तुम्हारे जिस्म से आती है उर्वशी की गंध,
मदहोस करती है मुझे,
जैसे मलय -पर्वत की पवन.
तुम मुझे अपना पुरुरवा मान,
मेरे ह्रदय को सिंचित करो.
या मैं इंद्रा सा,
तुम्हारे शील को भंग कर जाऊँगा।
अपने योवन के रस से,
मेरे रक्त को प्रवाहित करो.
इन केशुवों के भवर में,
मुझे हर क्षण समाहित करो.
तुम बन के शकुंतला,
मेरे बीज को अंकुरित करो.
या मैं विश्वामित्र सा तुम्हे,
बंजर पाषाण बना जाऊँगा।

परमीत सिंह धुरंधर


Devlok by Devdutt Pattanaik

A very basic introduction to the vast and complex world of Hindu Mythology

 The book is a compilation of subjects that featured on EPIC channel’s tv show by the same name. 156 more words


Ironing & Me

If you have been reading this blog regularly, (I hope you have!); you would know that I always lag with my ironing. But this weekend, I decided to conquer it once and for all. 314 more words