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Rama in the eyes of Ravana

Maricha could not dissuade Ravana with his depiction of the relationship between Rama and Sita. So he changes tact by trying to instill a sense of fear in Ravana. 446 more words

Hindu Mythology

The Symbolic Meaning of Lord Shiva and Parvati

Shiva is the most powerful of the three Gods in the Hindu Trimurtia and also the most complex. He is typically found in peaceful meditation, yet is known as “the destroyer.” 743 more words

Ancient Symbolism

Geological Confirmation of Cyclic Catastrophism

A Geological Dilemma

For decades geologists have been quietly struggling to explain the motion of the lithosphere, the outer shell of the Earth, relative to the interior or mantle. 1,432 more words


Narasimha Jayanthi 2016

Narasimha is the fourth incarnation of Lord Vishnu and is popularly known as ‘man-lion’ or ‘half man – half lion’ incarnation. In 2016, the date of Narasimha Jayanthi is May 20. 191 more words

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Bali Dancing: Barong, Legong & Kecak

One of the highlights in Bali was catching a couple of Balinese dance performances.  This expressive ancient traditional dance involves synchronize intricate movement with the fingers, feet, face and even the eyes. 218 more words


No Time for Evolution

Good News

Although the ancient myths combined have revealed many details of Cyclic Catastrophism, the Holy Bible makes clear that the Judaeo-Christian God used Venus, Mars and Mercury to re-create the Earth for mankind during the period attributed to the writing of the Bible.   2,150 more words


First look of Shatrujeet Nath's next book

First look of The Conspiracy at Meru: Vikramaditya Veergatha Book 2

Guardians of the Halahala has a new look as well!

The deadly Halahala, the all-devouring poison churned from the depths of the White Lake by the devas and asuras, was swallowed by Shiva to save the universe from extinction. 338 more words

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