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Upcoming Book: Telugu MahaBharatam Slokam - Vachanam

Kavi Traya MahaBharatam is very popular in Telugu. Many text versions were also written and published so far by different authors and publishers. None of them have Sanskrit Moola Slokas completely. 88 more words


RISHI/MUNI: Rishi for whom children born during Tapasaya

Children Born During Tapasyaa Period
As normally it is believed or instructed that while doing any Tapasyaa one should follow Brahmcharya, here are some examples when Rishi did Tapasyaa and had children during that period — 36 more words

FFfAW -- Good Luck Charm

“Can we get this?” Jimmy asked his father, pointing to a plastic model.

“You want that?” Dan asked.

“Yeah,” Jimmy said. “The uniforms are just like my soccer team’s. 165 more words

Flash Fiction