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Science, Secularism and Saturn - Ashish Dhar

“Most Indians are deeply religious in temperament and therefore, many laws that are derived from a secular constitution find few instinctively eager takers. This dichotomy, though, is brushed aside by deracinated, elitist intellectuals appealing to the authority of reason, which is deemed sacrosanct.” – Ashish Dhar… 2,136 more words

Varanasi:A city which has all the colors of life

Varanasi: City  of light, city which is older than history, city where life and death comes together, a city which has all the colors of life..It suprises you to the core ,from outside it looks just as normal as other indian cities but NAAH..!! 251 more words

City Of Lights

Stormtroopers at Shani Shingnapur - Mayuresh Didolkar

“The Stormtroopers … will come, breach centuries old tradition and go on fighting other causes—an agitation against armpit shaving perhaps—while the priests who have cared for the temple for generations will be left to care for it once again, only this time with the knowledge that the temple they have devoted their entire life to has accorded them no privileges to practice religion as they see fit.” – Mayuresh Didolkar… 1,889 more words


The Mahakali of Andheri (E), Mumbai

The Ganesh Chathurthi @ Mumbai and Durga Puja @ Kolkata have seen a regular upgrade in the Puja fervor and experience but the sanctity and the sense of tradition associated with the occasions have been well preserved. 825 more words

Incredible India

Weekly Photo Challenge - Trio/ Trishul

(This post has been created in response to Weekly Photo challenge – Trio)

The above picture of Trishul was shot in a Lord Shiva temple, located in jungles near Jaipur. 104 more words


What is Hinduism/Sanathana Dharma .. in Brief

Sanathana Dharma(Hinduism) is the oldest known ancient culture of the universe. The word “Sanathana” derives to “Eternal” or “Indefinitely”, which has no Beginning (“Anadi”), and which has no End( “Anant”) . 439 more words