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Jnana Yoga by Sri Swami Sivananda

Jnana is knowledge. To know Brahman as one’s own Self is Jnana. To say, “I am Brahman, the pure, all-pervading Consciousness, the non-enjoyer, non-doer and silent witness,” is Jnana. 2,851 more words

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Atma Samyama Yoga

“The yoga of concentrated meditation” has many similarities with the classical yoga. In this essay we will study  the meaning, importance, practice and techniques of Atma Samyama Yoga according to the Bhagavad gita. 1,262 more words

Understanding Hinduism

Surya Ashtakam Stotra

The Surya Ashtakam, from the Samba Purana, is a prayer in praise of the Sun God, Surya. The Samba Purana is one of the Saura Upapuranas and is dedicated to Lord Surya. 358 more words

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Dangers of misquoting Scriptures

In recent times there have been many Indian writers who have come up writing stories on Indian mythology. Some of them have been really good. A writer’s mindset (a misnomer – because actually there is no mindset and its free flowing imagination) is a gift and the way some of these writers are coming up with stories are really awesome. 307 more words

Similarity between Hinduism and Biblical Religions

In the Name of Allah Most Merciful Most Beneficent.


1- God’s Name:

In this three religions there is unpronounceable name of God. 2,063 more words


The Upanishads

The Upanishads are the concluding portions of the Vedas or the end of the Vedas. The teaching based on them is called Vedanta. The Upanishads are the gist and the goal of the Vedas. 241 more words

Understanding Hinduism