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The Mahabharata, a movie (in english audio with Greek subtitles)

*adapted from the play by Jean-Claude Carriere

directed by Peter Brook,, J.C.Carriere,  Marie Helene Estienne

part 1:

part 2:

Hindu Scriptures

Bhakti Yoga - Yoga of Devotion

A man’s actions may be compared to the flight of a bird, which needs three things –two wings and a tail– for its graceful movement. By means of the wings it balances itself in the air, and by the tail, like the rudder in a boat, it keeps its course. 5,210 more words

Hindu Scriptures

Yoga sutras of Pantanjali : 4. Kaivalya-Pāda (on liberation)


जन्मओषधिमन्त्रतपस्समाधिजाः सिद्धयः ॥१॥
janma-oṣadhi-mantra-tapas-samādhi-jāḥ siddhayaḥ ||1||
Supernatural powers (siddhis) arise from birth, drugs, mantras, austerity, or yoga (samadhi) ||1||

जात्यन्तरपरिणामः प्रकृत्यापूरात् ॥२॥
jāty-antara-pariṇāmaḥ prakṛty-āpūrāt ||2|| 933 more words

Hindu Scriptures

Yoga sutras of Pantanjali : 3. Vibhūti-Pāda (on results)



देशबन्धः चित्तस्य धारणा ॥१॥
deśa-bandhaḥ cittasya dhāraṇā ||1||
Harmony with your thoughts and the ability to concentrate are attained by aligning the mutable aspects of humankind with a specific subject. 1,441 more words

Hindu Scriptures