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Inside Fish Eye

Written today about yesterday and posted today from Kerala:

We are in Madura, South India.  Our local guide for today stood up at the front of the bus and introduced himself: 1,800 more words


Inside a Hindu Temple

Between yesterday and today, we visited three Hindu temples. We are lucky enough to have two excellent guides, Arvind and Raja, to usher us into the temples, to lead us up to the Brahman priests who bless us and mark our foreheads with white ash or mark our brow center with yellow or red powder. 842 more words


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In Khajuraho, in Madhya Pradesh, you can see the most remarkable temples, about 1000 years old, incredibly rich in detail. The temples are covered in intricate carvings and gorgeous sculptures, a few of which are very explicitly erotic and all of which show pure sensual beauty. 68 more words


So-called secular Indian state controls temples, not churches and mosques - Swaminathan Venkataraman

Rich temples such as Tirupati, Guruvayoor, or Mumbai’s Siddhivinayak Temple have routinely been raided to fund state budget programmes or line politicians’ pockets, while what happens in Tamil Nadu can only be described as wholesale loot. 1,867 more words


The veLLai gopuram of shrIraNGam temple (the white gopura). Why is it White?

Source: @GhorAngirasa / Twitter

In the year 1323, at a dark time of Islamic terror, 1 devadAsi performed a heroic feat, saving the utsavar mUrti of raNGanAtha & the AcArya…

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