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"What's more important in a sense, if you get a choice - explain science or destroy religion?"

I watched this documentary the other day called The Unbelievers. In short, it’s about two scientists who travel across the globe to speak publicly about the significance of reason and science, rather than religion, to explain the origins of our existence. 588 more words


31. The Unknown

I think the unknown scares us. I think it’s the unknown that is holding us back, keeping us stuck in the same spot. This is something I realized after I visited a Hindu temple for the first time this weekend. 219 more words

My views on religion...

Let me start by saying that I believe that different religions are used to start wars and disagreements when in actuality we have the same views, for the most part. 183 more words

DAILY PHOTO: Chennakesava Temple Gate

This is the main gate of the Chennakesava Temple at Belur. It’s a Hoysala era temple that dates to the early 12th century and is in the running for UNESCO World Heritage Site status. 18 more words


Biased Traditions

Culture and Traditions of a country are an integral part of its existence. They give the land its own charm and flavor of nativity.

But what if these traditions tend to be so biased they they start suffocating a suppressed group? 786 more words

The Upanishads: The "distilled" essence of Hinduism

The Upanishads – what (or who!) are they?”This would be the response of many Hindus of today if asked about the Upanishads!The Upanishads are in fact Hindu scriptures. 1,133 more words


~ Men Try Yoga For First Time!

Funny and worth watching :) :P :D
Men trying to have Flexible body… Yoga gives both Strength and Flexibility…
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