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India and Israel: Closer than ever before (By Moinuddin Ahmad)

India and Israel: Closer than ever before

Experiencing an unprecedented reproach from several European States and apparently an all time cold relations with the United States of America, a seemingly dejected Israel is looking to garner support from the east. 659 more words


Indian Wedding Rituals

Indian Weddings are rich on rituals. With a wide variety of rituals specific to different cultures and beliefs makes the weddings more colorful and interesting. Attending an Indian Wedding is now a trend among tourists from all over the world. 137 more words

Indian Wedding Rituals

Beef Ban – My thoughts

Beef Ban – My thoughts

I knew Indian Government would Ban Beef and was waiting for it being implemented and when I switched on my TV today, I was happy to see the Ban in Maharashtra. 636 more words

3 US lawmakers refuse to attend opening of state Senate because of Hindu prayer offering

BOISE, Idaho – Three lawmakers refused to attend the Idaho Senate’s daily invocation after objecting to the offering of a Hindu prayer.

Rajan Zed, guest chaplain, gave a lengthy prayer in both English and Sanskrit on Tuesday that focused on selflessness and peace. 87 more words


Observing The Thaipusam Celebrations

The Indian worshiper’s body twisted within a circle of supporters, as the oranges and flowers hanging from his pierced back bobbed in frenzy. The peacock feathers of his… 1,127 more words

Can you be an American born Hindu?

Growing up in America my family celebrated Christmas, Easter and one year we participated in lighting of the menorah with our Jewish neighbors, but we never celebrated Diwalli.  562 more words