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A shimmering Taj Mahal in the early morning. When we visited the Taj, our guide was a man named Bibi which means dear one. The brochure of our trip did not match what was being said to us by Bibi. 818 more words

The Weave, religion and Politics

Why religion?

Maybe it is a way of life I am not really very sure. What occurs to me is we are dealing with the divine right issue here. 928 more words


Can Hindus and Muslims come together in India and make India a better place?

A thought which has been persistent in my mind and demanded some chintan to find a rational and practical way forward. We have seen a lot of talk about the need for it but have seldom come across a solution. 1,492 more words


Bali: Uluwatu, Puncak Batu Diantara Laut dan Hutan

Pulau Dewata atau Bali memiliki banyak pura. Hampir kesemuanya bisa dikatakan beragama Hindu. Salah satu tempat wisata yang dapat melihat pemandangan indahnya dari ketinggian adalah Pura Luhur Uluwatu. 746 more words
Wisata Kota

Melalui seorang Hindu saya kembali pada Islam

Pandu, seorang pendaki kawakan di lingkungan pertemanan saya pernah bilang “Saat sampai di puncak-puncak gunung, ada sebagian diri kita yang ditinggalkan di sana.” Mungkin maksudnya kalau kita *pup di puncak gunung ya Ndu? 842 more words

Veska Life

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion...

“Confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch begin today. Democratic progressives like Senator Chuck Schumer have made it clear that they will do everything within their power to stop his confirmation. 738 more words


How or why do believers of a God manage to keep believing?


  1. No Bible or religious text verses.
  2. No personal experiences (I experienced God as a child type)

Besides ignoring lack of evidence, despite the Indoctrination… 725 more words