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21-Day Fast: A Dare to Unplug and Rediscover Happiness

I answered a challenge to fast for 21 days.

I prayed for hours on what to fast from. Facebook was the one glaring and biggest piece of soul-sucking, joy-killing, time-absorbing media outlet. 773 more words



The man stood frozen in fear. Even his innards seemed to be frozen. He wet his lips and wondered what else fate had in store for him. 415 more words


~ 25 Scientific reasons behind Hindu Rituals and Culture

Ancient Hindu sages after complete understanding of cosmos, life science, ultimate truth, had developed simple scientific techniques in the form of daily rituals to stay calm , ego-free, stress-free, co-existing with nature. 690 more words



A Yoga is the physical, mental and spiritual practices or disciplines, which originated in ancient India, with the goal of attaining permanent peace. The term yoga comes from two roots that mean to concentrate. 506 more words

The Issue Of Hindus And Christians Forcefully Converted To Islam In Pakistan

It has been reported by the media that there are Pakistani Hindus who lose their daughters to forced Muslim marriages.

It is claimed a 17-year-old, Anila Dhawan, was kidnapped last spring from her home in Hyderabad, forced to convert to Islam and made to marry her abductor. 1,610 more words


Nityasumańgalī - Between The Sacred and The Sexual


by  Sandeep Dhopate  (click for more photos)

Within Indian native discourse, the devadasi, was both a public persona, who led Hindu processions through the streets, and a cloistered figure, a temple servant. 353 more words