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Disappearing Tulsi maadams

Tulsi maadams (an altar for tulsi plant, ocimum sanctum, holy basil) were very common in most Hindu homes even in the cities. The tulsi plant was venerated as the representation of Goddess Mahalakshmi. 140 more words


Jai Hind!

To a kind Hearted Christian Friend…

Gods – Jai Hind!

Thank you for that message on WhatsApp from the US Army. I will not send it on because it is not from the Indian Army – the army because of which we sleep peacefully in our bed while they die on Siachen and other battlefields. 122 more words


I Am That

I am that.

I am not my mistakes.

I am that.

I am the silence.

I am that.

I am.

I am.





5. Diary

Paths to and from divinity

My darling

We pray
to Brahma

(Creating and

To guide us
to the light within…

We will need
all the light we can get… 13 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Vibrant

I’m late with this photo challenge, but I came across a vibrant image from Thaipusam in 2014 and thought I’d share. Such a colorful, memorable day!


Author: Familia Fanai Laltansanga

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  • Sakhua ruih hi a hlauhawm
  • India ram Hindu sakhaw hruaitu guru hmingthangte chu sumdawnna khawvelah a intlansiak mek. 193 more words

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