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Yoga which connects man.
The life of the mind & the senses are separate.

Senses are exclusively related 2 our universe. They are adjustable & changeable, important, even enjoyable, providing faculties of sensation as means of providing physical gratification & pleasure, linked 2 accentuate & suit being in our universe only ! 105 more words


The dualism in being of man (yin & yang) trapped on Earth (yin) under the Heavens (yang), attracted & pulled downwards towards Earth & upwards towards the Heavens, with in-between, caught in the middle, man’s soul is just because of the by nature addictive senses. 202 more words


My Nature Photography: A World Nature Conservation Day Special Post

My (ever-so-highly criticized) habit of wandering off into untrodden wilderness treks often leads me to some marvelous beauties of Nature. Tomorrow (28 July) is World Nature Conservation Day. 626 more words


Why we worship basoda after Holi?

As soon as the festival of colours is over, the whole of India comes to a pause after going through a series of festival celebration, filling them with reverence and happiness. 338 more words


Santos Bonacci: Know Your Heroes, Christ Is The Sun, Satan Is Saturn

Search this blog for previous posts featuring Santos Bonacci. I’m having to go back and listen to this twice, so I can jot some notes down. 583 more words


✡️ Today's Panchang 27th july 2016 ✡️

The daily update of the planetary positions as per time, place and circumstances. The planet transit chart is as per 5:30 am, New Delhi.