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A Nice Farm For All Your Photo Stories

In the last fifty years, we’ve come a long way in our queer and feminist discourse to be enthralled by low-risk activism. One of these was Mary Ellen Mark’s work on the sexual underworld of prostitutes, from 11-year old children to middle-aged transvestites, in Bombay’s Falkland Road. 1,258 more words


Lord "Shiva"

“Shiva” means literally, “that which is not.” Today, modern science is proving to us that everything comes from nothing and goes back to nothing. The basis of existence and the fundamental quality of the cosmos is vast nothingness. 51 more words


Bhagwan on the Ganga Banks

Colour of fire
Bringer of light
Burn away ignorance
Flame of insight

Colour of purity
Symbol of abstinence
Purge the tainted
Cleansing ritual 136 more words


Hindus have no devils in their religion.

Honestly. Some people really force you to protest, don’t they? I usually ignore these people but…

To anyone and everyone who tries to paint mother goddess kali as an evil power and call her worshippers devil worshipper. 140 more words

Sharmishtha Basu

karna pisachi

అయ్యప్ప స్వామి తాలుకా ఒక గురు స్వామి కర్ణ పిశాచి గురించి ఇలా పాడుతున్నాడు.
“అశరీరాం వార్తాహారిని, కర్ణ పిశాచి నమామ్యహం”!!

సాములోరేంటి ! పిశాచాలని కీర్తించటం ఏంటి అని ఆలోచించటం షురు కాకుండానే చిన్నప్పుడు చూసిన మమ్మూట్టి “వేదాగ్ని” సినిమా గుర్తొచ్చింది.


Maha Sivarathiri at the Village

“மேன்மைகொள் சைவநீதி விளங்குக உலகமெல்லாம்,” the priest implores at this tiny temple in a remote corner of India.


Useful Links..Facebook Live Map

Did you know that you can watch live ceremonies & meditation sessions at Buddhist and Hindu temples all over the world? The Facebook Live Map allows you to do this easily and it costs absolutely nothing! 60 more words

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