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The Art of Living Foundation

Written by: Patrick Angeles, C31

Headquarters: 21st km Kanakapura Road, P.O Udaypura, Bangalore 560082, Karnataka , India


They are composed of people of diverse cultures and beliefs who recognize the Oneness of Humanity and are guided by the principles of Unity in Diversity, Good Will, and Cooperation. 449 more words








The concept of zero is referred to as shunya in the early Sanskrit texts and it is also explained in the Pingala’s Chandah Sutra (200 AD). 1,434 more words


Yogi Soap Opera - Why I love Hindu Mythology

If you have ever been to a yoga studio then I bet you came across at least two Hindu Gods. Ganesha, the guy with an elephant’s head, and Shiva, Maha Yogi, usually in his wild dancing pose. 1,024 more words


Thailand (Chiang Mai and Bangkok)

Most of the Indians visiting Thailand are only aware of Bangkok, Pattaya, and Phuket. Many have only gogo girls in their mind. This was my second trip to Thailand. 860 more words


Saying Sorry is Not Enough

It’s easy to apologize to God for past sins or evil actions; and promise not to take part in these actions. Even promising not to be angry with others is often a goal that many of us have, but is often a difficult feat when inconveniences occur. 170 more words


Yoga and Hypnosis

Yoga is really self hypnosis. The danger is what happens if you can’t come back? You are dealing with forces that you have no idea what they are capable of doing. 141 more words


Dancing Devotees : A Sacred Intimacy ... 獻舞者 : 一個神聖的連繫 4 Aug 2018 ~ Part 16

Dancing Devotees : A Sacred Intimacy
獻舞者 : 一個神聖的連繫
4 Aug 2018 (Sat) 8pm
@ stage 1, Performing Arts Centre of Penang (penangpac)
檳城表演藝術中心 壹號劇場 336 more words