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Christianity is Unique

Poet and journalist Steve Turner satirically remarks in his poem “Creed:” “We believe that all religions are basically the same; at least the ones we read were. 558 more words


Ganga Diaries

An unplanned visit to the Ganga came my way.

For spiritual reasons.

For filial piety reasons.

For ceremonies that complete the cycle of life & death. 483 more words

Culture Kaleidoscope


A Hindu interpretation of the Khametic Doctrine of Ptah raising Ra from Nu by Khepera.

1. THEN was not non-existent nor existent: there was no realm of air, no sky beyond it. 212 more words

3. Ringing The
Temple Bell When
You Enter The
Temple – Hearing
Sense Activated

People who are visiting the
temple should and will Ring the… 254 more words


is the image
preceding God.
God is the image

Sociology, cellular biology, quantum-physics & science are studying how ‘Love’ really moves & functions in our universe. 186 more words



Sahadeva was the youngest of all the Pandavas and was the son of Madri and King Pandu. He was born when the Ashwini Kumaras came to bless Madri who invited them for a child since she had learnt the same from Maharani Kunti. 163 more words


Daily Obstruction: Essential Ingredient

Essential Ingredient

There are certain lines of texts that are a key to unlocking the whole:  “And the student brought fuel for the fire to the master” – Upanishads; “The master gave a shout” – Zen koan collection; “Socrates had a way of playing with my hair” – Phaedo; “Mahakashyapa smiled and began to laugh” – The Flower Sutra.  23 more words

Daily Obstruction