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Waves of emotion running through a country thrown into grief. A sweet, innocent baby girl snatched mercilessly from earth by a broken soul. Grief has many faces, forms, avatars. 243 more words


Ancient Battery Described 4000 Years Ago in India?

I have been recreating the electric battery, which was used in Ancient India. This battery was described by a sage called Agastya who lived at least 4000 years ago, and what I am making is according to what’s being described in the ancient text called Agastya Samhita. 254 more words

The soul is at extinct..

Discovering what has been a 1000 or more years old is still a discovery. You would’ve read about it, you might have visited that place but being present is not discovery. 813 more words


The Artwork...

Well, I have always wondered “What is God all about?” OF course in this endeavor have received 100s of answers to that one, some convincing, some seemed a result of too much over-thinking and some, of course, probably the favourite of many, a figment of imagination (I know you’d say they all were). 331 more words

Sorrow does not happen; you contrive it. When you hear the news of someone’s death, you are only shocked; only after the news sinks in does sorrow slowly develop. 150 more words

Advaita Vedanta

In the Beginning.........

In the beginning, there was God. God said let there by joy; so he created mankind. From the sea, he collected sea creatures and created the first couple. 406 more words


Mother Ganges and Varanasi India

I know that this is a birding blog, but sometimes life distracts even us birders.  I was jarred from my birding world back to the stark reality of life and death along the Ganges River with its vivid colors, smells, and sounds creating a spiritual impression that will not be soon forgotten. 800 more words

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