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Radhakrishnan's Gnostic Christ

Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was a thinker of extraordinary range — the short excerpt one of his works in the Source Book of Indian Philosophy includes quotations from the Upanishads, Shamkara, and the Buddha alongside Plato, the Bible, Plotinus, Eckhart, Calvin, William James, and many others. 482 more words


India's Devout Glow in Orange

In India, the color orange and other warm tones like saffron and turmeric symbolize the quest for knowledge. Orange is associated with fire which has the power to burn away the darkness and thus brings light or knowledge. 350 more words


Why Is Gangajal So Important In Hinduism?

The Ganga river is the representation of religion,confidence and purity.From ancient conventions, Gangajal (Ganga water) is utilized for religious and propitious works. Whether it’s a conception of a kid or passing of a man, everybody is cleaned with Gangajal. 223 more words


Karma’s ways are mysterious & then again not.
Karma is always in function of the Greater Good.

Supervisor chief executive God
& manager Karma together with…
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Where is your God!

Two years ago this question would have been odd to me. I was assured in my answer as well as my belief so I thought. I wrapped myself in a cloak of invisibility, not allowing my scars to show. 913 more words


Ramanuja, Aurobindo, and Hart on the One and the Many

Shankara is a famous advocate for a fully monist interpretation of the Upanishads and the Vedanta philosophy that developed from it. For instance:

“The difference between the individual self and the highest Lord is owing to wrong knowledge only” (1.3.19,

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