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Is The Universe a Hologram?

Is the universe a hologram? On first hearing this notion one would be forgiven for laughing at the idea, but it’s an idea which has achieved more and more credibility in the last half a century, to the point where it is a candidate for the best explanation of the universe we have available. 1,553 more words


"Anti Christ Beliefs and Christian Beliefs Do Not Mix" by Dr.J.

Be careful not to mix pagan beliefs or other anti Christ beliefs with our belief in Jesus Christ and God’s principles. “Karma” is from the Buddhist and Hindu religions. 82 more words

Anti Christ

ॐ (OM)

This symbol has a spiritual meaning in all Indian dharmas, but the meaning and connotations of Om vary between the diverse schools within and across the various traditions. 531 more words


Unholy woes | The Economist

AT THE dawn of time Lord Vishnu made gods and demons join in churning the milky oceans to extract an elixir of eternal life. After cheating the demons of their share, Vishnu spilled four drops of the precious nectar. 564 more words


Idols in the Hindu Way of Life – Why Are They Worshipped?

Idols in the Hindu Way of Life

Content is taken from Isha Foundation Blog.

Hindu is a cultural identity, not a religious identity. In the Hindu way of life, the only important thing in human life is his liberation.

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World Religions: Hinduism Book Questions

Om Shanti!

I was going through some old files from when we homeschooled our stepson (Big Brother) and found a BUNCH of content I had created to go along with books he was using for learning from the library. 278 more words


What is Research?: Role of Family and Schools in Child's Research Attitude

Since last 1.5 years I am trying to write this article. I hope I conveyed properly. Research, a word which hardly anyone understands. We hear many time that India should focus on research if want to compete with world. 954 more words