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Football and Religion

Don’t worry! As a Scottish football fan when the words football and religion are put together there are terrible thoughts that appear, but fear not this is a more playful take on what happens when football and religion mix.  100 more words

Football Art

Our thoughts that we have, make us
think, we are those thoughts, that we are
something like ‘thought-consciousness-only’,
but that’s not really true 4 without thoughts (in ‘real’
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Thoughts are what
we take ourselves 2 be, we
imagine we are those thoughts
& out from this misidentification
& misapprehension of Reality, another
false Self gets created.
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Memoirs of a Glorious Past~Anegundi!

Ever experienced what it is like to be overwhelmed after journeying to an ancient destination and then being gifted a treasure trove of mythological treasures, mosaic hills and natural heritage? 1,356 more words



You open your eyes
And see the first rays
Of light of your life

You are
The world is
There exists ‘something’

It ‘is’
For if that wasn’t so
There wouldn’t be anything


The Intolerant Response to Aamir Khan’s Intolerance Comments

Aamir Khan, one of Bollywood’s leading men, has reopened a debate about tolerance and free expression in India, prompting a torrent of criticism on social media. 501 more words