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Some people
obviously have troubles with
the word, name, sound
&/or concept of

What’s wrong with the word God
& what’s in a name really ?
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The Gates to Common Ground

The Gates to Common Ground

India is a steaming melting pot of faiths and cultures, one I was briefly cast into as a callow youth. I brought all my first world certainties to that extraordinary, baffling country. 1,807 more words


Sheldon Pollock, Sanskrit, Hinduism, Christianity: and A Reply to Sheldon Pollock

                                     By: Shreepal Singh

Sheldon Pollock is an American Orientalist and is the proponent of a newly invented theory that holds that Hinduism, as we know it today, is an artificial creation, which is not found in the ancient Sanskrit sacred books of India.

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Contemporary India

The Resplendent Soul-Tours!

Yes, this is who we are. This is what we do!

We take people on incredible spiritual joureys in India.



Am listening to a soulful song of the spirit, as i invite you all to come… 14 more words


I understand what I am and what I am not. However, I always wonder why I am?

The question “why?” can be answered only when there is a reason for something to be. Why is there an ornament? The answer is that the gold is and, therefore, the ornament is. 233 more words