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Rajiv Malhotra heckled by US academics at Columbia University lecture - The Chakra

During the lecture, Rajiv Malhotra was constantly heckled by a small group of adults in the audience and even faced a verbal attack by a professor who asked to be anonymous. 491 more words

Psychological Warfare

The Science of the Rishis: The Spiritual and Material Discoveries of the Ancient Sages of India by Vanamali (Author),

A complete introduction to Sanatana Dharma, the spiritual science of the Hindu sages

• Examines how many core concepts of Hinduism, including Brahman, Atman, bhakti, karma, and reincarnation, relate to modern science… 393 more words


Picket Fences. Tatort Gartenzaun.

It is a long way from the Togian Islands to reach Sulawesi again. Eight hours in a crammed ferry, with lots of garbage and eating people throwing away even more garbage. 1,067 more words


~ Hinduphobia: First hand experience of Academic Hinduphobia in USA and India

Watch (clip below) real Academic Hinduphobia experienced when Western Abrahmic Marxist gang tried to disturb Indo-American Author/Scholar Mr Rajiv Malhotra’s new book (The Battle For Sanskrit… 444 more words


Alan Watts - A Call To Awaken!

It’s time to remember who you are… Who you really are, and what this reality is that you’ve been born into…

-The Big Bang From A Philosophical Perspective: This reality is constructed of Duality, in order to have one thing you must have a comparative. 998 more words