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Hindu Flood Legend Confirms Bible's Validity

Ancient Origins has an article of how the Hindu Flood Legend is very similar to the story of Noah found in Genesis. You can read the story by following the link… 629 more words

Biblical Truth

Mixing Religion and Politics... in the Best Possible Way

Some well-meaning person a couple of centuries ago laid down the etiquette dictum never to discuss religion and politics.  That makes no sense for Christians or those living in a self-governing republic.  822 more words


Some Different Worldviews

Read Romans 1:20-22 and John 1:1-5 as an introduction to Pantheism-“all is God.” This false idea says that God is not separate from nature but that nature is Cod. 577 more words

The Sunday Rounds

Visualizing the European migration surge, Arab atheism, Tokyo Pride, and more in today’s Rounds… 422 more words

The Rounds

The Upanishads: The "distilled" essence of Hinduism

The Upanishads – what (or who!) are they?”This would be the response of many Hindus of today if asked about the Upanishads!The Upanishads are in fact Hindu scriptures. 1,133 more words


Opposing the ban of cow slaughtering is not justified

Nowadays an issue is on fire; “Cow slaughtering” Minorities sects are opposing the ban and the same is supported by some intellectual peoples. I don’t understand why they are opposing the ban and what is the logic behind the same, I discussed this matter with more that 50 persons who are opposing the ban; and when I asked the reason behind the same; believe me I don’t got any single logical answer.They use to say that God provided us suck kind of teeth to have something like that,or its yummy.. 535 more words