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Holy Cow. . . . Friend to Indians

Mother Cow is the queen in the pantheon of sacred Indian animals. In fact, she stands head and shoulders above the rest. There are group all over Indian demanding the government name the cow as the national animal to replace the tiger which currently holds that honor. 366 more words


Hello boys & girls. I am compiling a LIST OF THE 50 BIGGEST ENEMIES OF HINDUS, dead or alive. I need your inputs: whom do you consider the most harmful enemies of Hindus and two lines explaining why. 103 more words

Explore The Unique Meanings of Penjor on Galungan Day

Every Hindus in Bali commonly make Penjor Galungan on Galungan Day. Penjor Galungan plugged on Tuesday / Anggara Wara / Wuku. Dungulan which known as Penampahan Galungan Day, and it has a meaning upholding of dharma. 481 more words


Do Dalits Need Ambedkar 2.0 today?

Sagarika Ghose’s blog post titled “Wanted: Ambedkar 2.0” is carried on the edit pages of Times of India on February 3, 2016[i]. Sagarika sought to expose the hypocrisy of politicians across the spectrum, for failing the young (and old) Ambedkarites. 2,027 more words

Sita Ram Goel: The sagely activist - Pradeep Kumar Goel with Rajiv Malik

“My father created an awareness of certain surreptitious forces threatening Hinduism and the fundamental culture of India. He made it his life’s mission to expose the real intentions of people who were disguised as benefactors but were secretly intent upon serving selfish ends. 3,256 more words



The problem of converts is that they are taught by missionaries (who are now mostly Indians), to hate anything Hindu. Thus, if you add other Hindu haters such as Marxists, Dalit converts, most of the Media, many Muslims, who sill consider Hindus idol worshipers and the Gandhi family, you get an idea of what Narendra Modi & Dharma are up against at the moment. 192 more words

Muslims and Hindus: Believing in One God Today.

Something I also have known and have seen, but sadly it takes training and a change in perspective to see the unity.  When you come from an environment that tries to compartmentalize other religions, you will have difficulty seeing the unity. 35 more words