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Once Again America: Religion is a Personal and Private Choice

First of all I must clarify my position on religion and prayer for those of you who don’t know me. I am personally opposed to all organized religion. 641 more words

“Fake” Bengal violence pix used for representational purposes – BJP IT Cell head Malviya

Amit Malviya tells ThePrint original visuals from the state were too gory to publish. Says it is a norm to use images for representational purposes. 322 more words


Hindus, Deluded by their own rituals

अन्धं तमः प्रविशन्ति ये अविद्दामुपासते

ततो भूय इव ते तमो य उ विद्दायां रताः

 andham tamah pravishanti  ye ‘avidyam upasate

tato bhuya iva te tamoya u vidyayam rataha… 1,224 more words


Why is there Islamophobia but no Hinduphobia or Buddhistphobia?

Hinduism and Buddhism have, generally speaking, created much less trouble for the world compared to Islam. What is referred to as Islamophobia is a result of primarily two influences: 399 more words


Bholu Wonders if Liberal Means Anti-Hindu...

Bholu walked into my house with a very serious look on his face.


Bholu Bhakt: Bhai, does being Liberal mean being Anti Hindu?

Me: Errr Bholu, where did you get that from? 456 more words

Bholu Bhakt Series

The unravelling of Mamata Banerjee

Once hailed as Bengal’s messiah, the chief minister has set it off on a path to destruction

The last couple of years of Left Front rule in Bengal was unique. 1,292 more words


We Are Coward Or A Killer, There Is No Betwixt.

Confused by the headline? If you are aware of the surroundings, if you go through the mainstream media daily or even once, weekly, you will be bound to think. 908 more words