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As a frequent traveller by train from Calicut/Udupi to Delhi, I have come to be a part of innumerable conversations with my co-passengers. What a train journey does better than a flight or a bus is that it facilitates interaction between passengers during the 40 odd hour long journeys, where passengers are forced to interact, one way or the other. 368 more words


বিবৃতি : পদ্ধতিগত পাগলামি আৰু অসমৰ আদৰ্শ বিদ্যালয় কাণ্ড

– দিল্লী একচন কমিটি ফ’ৰ অসম

অসম চৰকাৰৰ শিক্ষা বিভাগে মাতৃভাষা মাধ্যমত শিক্ষাগ্ৰহণ কৰা প্ৰাৰ্থীয়ে যাতে অসমৰ আদৰ্শ বিদ্যালয়সমূহত স্নাতক শিক্ষকৰ নিযুক্তিৰ কাৰণে অনুষ্ঠিত কৰিবলৈ লোৱা বিশেষ TETত অৱতীৰ্ণ হ’ব নোৱাৰে তাৰ কাৰণে শেহতীয়াকৈ এখন অসাংবিধানিক আৰু পক্ষপাতদুষ্ট অধিসূচনা জাৰি কৰিছে। ৰাজ্য চৰকাৰৰ মাধ্যমিক শিক্ষা বিভাগে ৭/৬/২০১৭ তাৰিখে প্ৰকাশ কৰা No. 31 more words

Reflections on Jinnah - Part 5

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‘The following scenes accurately describe the difference between the political ideologies of Jinnah and Gandhi.

Gandhi, a lawyer who had been subjected to racial discrimination whilst in South Africa had given up his Court Dress in favor of the historical Dhoti and had radically deviated from his ideals of activism in favor of populist politics. 425 more words


International Yoga Day 2017 - TNN

The theme of this year’s Yoga Day is yoga health. The aim is to highlight a holistic approach to yoga, which focuses on both physical and mental well-being. 922 more words


Main Fault Lines of India’s Politics

While, the ideology of Hindutva (Hindu nationalism) is the genesis of Hindu terrorism, having co-relationship with it, the main fault lines of India’s politics is based upon the discriminatory system of caste and religion. 1,674 more words


Why NDA chose Bihar Governor Kovind, a Dalit leader, as President nominee

Kovind’s name was a surprise to those who wanted somebody with a Hindutva image to be the candidate

Today’s Paper : Bihar Governor Ram Nath Kovind, a Dalit leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), will be the presidential candidate of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), and in all likelihood the next President of India. 279 more words

Current Affairs

Ayush Ministry says, non veg food not good for pregnant women

To what extent this Saffron government will stoop, any limit left at all. Forget about the harassment this government has been causing to people on name of ‘demonetisation’, making ‘Aadhaar’ mandatory and forthcoming GST (to fulfill whims of Prime Minister) but it seems have also forgotten the basic of morals and ethics. 102 more words

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