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Tip Tuesday - 3 Miles or 30 Minutes

After a few months of throwing myself an extensive pity party any time I had to put on “real clothes”, I’ve decided to get it back together and focus on my fitness.   135 more words


How the append hint affects Performace ?

How the APPEND Hint Affects Performance

The APPEND hint tells the optimizer to perform a direct-path insert, which improves the performance of INSERT .. SELECT operations for a number of reasons: 837 more words



Welcome to Blaq&Odd,

This blog basically contains write-ups about things that stands out from the rest, either naturally or from the author’s point of view. Expect more soon.



Yesterday I mentioned that today I would tell you more of my reason for going all iPhone. Well, I've run out of time, today. But I will give you a hint. 23 more words


No connection string named 'MyEntities' could be found in the application config file

This error occurs when you haven’t set the correct value in your config or when you have one project calling another project. How? Why? Let’s see the details! 92 more words

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