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Thin asphalt bike path
The underside of one tree
Holds hints of orange

To optimize a DSL connection

Expanded speedtest results (in Mb/s downloading and then uploading + latency (ms)) comparing DSL & Cable

Updated numbers (from mb2015):

860mbg11 => Verizon-DSL 4.9, .51 + 29… 55 more words




Hello friends!! This is my one hundred post!!

Can you believe it? I still cannot!!

One hundred posts are considered a lot!! Aren`t they?

I am so excited and happy… 281 more words


Learn To Cook - Pan-Fried Chicken in Mushroom Sauce

This recipe was soooo yummy! I’ve upped the ante from Easy to Moderately Easy, and the result was a super tasty white wine and mushroom sauce and lovely tender chicken (I’ve never cooked whole chicken legs before, so that was a new experience!) 30 more words

About Me

Release the Kraken! (yes, we are this cheesy)

Something tells me that someone will be making an appearance soon. Also, here’s a hint to what I’ll be reviewing:

Do you have any guesses?  A little over half way done, with half a cup of cold coffee in hand, I press on.  See you soon.


Chapter 7 - Part 5

Mark wouldn’t blame either of them. He would have fallen asleep if Diane kept at it for another five minutes.

“Besides,” Diane told Logan, “my cat Thief loves shiny wrappers of any sort and she’d love to get her hands on these things for sure.” 37 more words