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Moto Hint (Google Now inside your ear)

This week motorola has released its new mobile(MOTO G). So, this is the reason MOTO HINT is in front of  you. I think you heard a different sound from the title of this gadget. 433 more words


TIP: Do not enable "Persistent images" if rendering animation

For way too long I had the problem of Cycles crashing when rendering animations. I really did have no idea why, until today – out of the blue – my brains told to disable “Persistent images” feature and try rendering again. 41 more words


Treat Even the Slightest Hint of Water Damage with a Sense of Urgency

While millions across the nation went about their days as usual, a huge number of Texans weren’t so lucky back in the middle of June. Tropical storm “Bill” laid a smack down on areas such as Central Texas, causing flash flooding in various areas. 73 more words

[Anime] Hakkenden Touhou ibun "Em là lí do để tôi tồn tại"

Cái tittle do mình chém đấy, đừng bận tâm tới nó =))

Okay đang lúc đang ngáp chó ngáp mèo vì…thất nghiệp, tui bèn cong mông ngồi xem phim, hết phim hường tới phim mẽo, phim tung của tới phim thái lan, cả cartoon network và disney junior cùng mấy đứa cháu :v  Cuối cùng lại mò mẫm tới đống link anime lưu trên twitter từ đời tám hoảnh nào, nói là lưu để nhớ mà xem chứ tui chưa có đụng vô bộ nào hết. 1,229 more words


A hint

Sure as I am
of my feelings
fear stops me
from moving
taking a step
and saying
so I lean down
and whisper
and ask for a wish… 39 more words


Back to Work!

I was feeling really motivated last night to work on one of my commissions. The photo of it is only a tiny portion of the actual piece. 20 more words


Late Trip Post

Hello Everyone,

So Bryant mentioned how I was visiting him on the 4th of July and I should have posted SOMETHING soon after that. But I was so caught up in my University summer classes and a bunch of family events that I forgot about it. 382 more words