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mario: the video game hero who almost killed me

Problem set 1 nearly killed me and my self esteem. I spent hours every day after school working on this dang mario problem, and when I couldn’t even get past the first part of it I felt stupid and incompetent. 862 more words



Agave blossoms, May 2015, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, Southern California

a hint of shadow
on the skin of the mountain—
blossoms stun the air…
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Apple CEO Tim Cook expected to offer 'Vague Tease' about non existent Apple TV Update

Apple CEO Tim Cook (54) is soon expected to offer a vague tease about an update to the company’s set top box, despite the fact the update will likely never see the light of day. 148 more words


What is this new league?

I have never shied away from expressing my love for twitter, how often I can be found browsing my timeline whenever I am free even for a minute is well known so yesterday while browsing, an unusual hashtag… 488 more words


Hinting at Spring

A wee bit of green,

hinting at spring,

there is no stopping it now…


List Anime/Manga Hint, SA, Yaoi

Rảnh rỗi ngồi làm cái list chơi, dành cho những tâm hồn thích soi hint, xôi thịt và đặt tiêu chí nhiều giai (đẹp) không quan tâm bánh bèo bóng đèn. 1,452 more words


[Fangirl tự truyện] Free!

Nghe đến bộ này lâu rồi mà giờ mới có thời gian (thật ra mình đang ôn thi =))) ) ngồi xem. Mình thì vốn không khoái mấy bộ shounen thể thao cho lắm, cơ mà nghe bảo toàn giai với giai lại còn giai khỏa thân miễn nhiễm với bánh bèo thì một con fangirl… 667 more words