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Motorola launched the Moto Hint alongside the 2014 Moto X and Moto G last year, and it quickly became known as one of the better — albeit also more expensive — offerings on the market for those on the lookout for a Bluetooth headset. 192 more words


[Lảm nhảm] Pandora Hearts

Trước tiên tui vốn là người yêu cái đẹp, là con người luôn hướng tới chân thiện mỹ và một trái tim dễ vỡ vì các anh giai nên khi vô tình thấy truyện này tui đã lao vào ngay, lại còn đúng phong cách Victoria ( 679 more words


Glass of water

“Ma! can I get a glass of water?”

– “anything else?”

“Actually a glass of cold water.”

-“anything else?”

“Fill half of the glass with ice cold water and then-wait! Why are you leaving?!”


Spousal Arousal 06-04-15

Sometimes guys (even coming from a guy) just don’t get the hint right away. Its Spousal Arousal, she was dropping a pretty heavy hint, and it took him a minute to catch on. 10 more words

Todd & Erica