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A slight or indirect indication or suggestion. Old English “henten”=to grasp, hold, or seize.


Migos & Drake Have "Something On The Way"

Migos hint at an upcoming collaboration with Drake. “More Life?”

Migos‘ big breakthrough came by way of Drake 119 more words

Tried & True: Broccoli Cheese Soup

I am slowly becoming a connoisseur of homemade soups; mostly because it’s winter, and there’s nothing better than hot soup on a cold day.

Searching for the “perfect” broccoli cheese soup, I stumbled upon a variety of recipes that varied in ingredients, but were similar in that they all contained broccoli, some kind of cheese, and were creamed. 238 more words


A Helpful Little Tip

So let me share with all of you a very useful tip that takes me no more than two minutes each day, but enriches my next day a lot. 262 more words

Wasgij #12 – The Mouth of the River

Spoiler alert – the completed puzzle is pictured at the bottom of the page. If you don’t want to see it, don’t scroll down. If you want to pretend that you haven’t seen it, quickly have a look – no one will ever know! 364 more words

Fix the volume of any USB headphone on Windows

Some USB headsets tend to be way too loud on Windows 10. I guess the reason for this are outdated drivers or some kind of incompatibility. 229 more words


A Hint of Gold Backwardation 

From Acting Man, by Keith Weiner

Rising Scarcity and a Nascent Change in Trend

Last month, we noted that there could be a trend change in progress. 1,109 more words