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Nothing short of wildly entertaining, Cardi B overcomes old guard hip-hop scepticism by delivering a flawed but funny debut album

Cardi B

Invasion of Privacy


The success of Cardi B’s Bodak Yellow caused some consternation in hip-hop circles. Here was a track whose author blithely admitted was a facsimile of Kodak Black’s 2014 hit No Flockin. 998 more words


By the sounds of things, Young Fathers have tried to make their singular, experimental pop more straightforward on their third album. It hasn't worked, but it's fantastic listening nonetheless

Young Fathers

Cocoa Sugar


“We’re game for trying anything,” said Young Fathers’ Graham “G” Hastings in an Observer interview last month. Stubbornly unclassifiable, the Edinburgh trio indeed have a habit of trying anything. 988 more words

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"Pray For Me" - Kendrick Lamar & The Weeknd

The song “Pray For Me” from the Black Panther soundtrack by Kendrick Lamar and The Weeknd really has you thinking about the lyrics. It’s one of those songs that makes you look at the bigger picture and feel a deeper feeling then you were expecting. 312 more words


Lil Yachty says "Lil Boat 2" is in the Works!

Lil Yachty’s first release that propelled him from McDonald’s line cook, to platinum selling artist was his song “One Night.” The song was featured in a meme video that then went viral, sending Yachty on the path to stardom. 122 more words


Overlong and repetitive, Migos' third album has everything going against it. But compelling undercurrents of self-doubt and anxiety temper the many, many odes to material wealth


Culture II


If it wasn’t already apparent, Migos aren’t ones for humility. Of course, modest rappers are rare; that’s kind of the point: you don’t prove your lyrical dexterity as an MC by being terribly polite about it. 998 more words

Hip-hop And Rap

Pooh Pistols Music


Pooh Pistols is a rapper based in Las Vegas Nevada U.S.A..


Hip-Hop And Rap

Life in Trump's America seems to have prompted a career reassessment for Pharrell Williams: he's back with N.E.R.D and back on exhilarating form with their best album to date


No One Ever Really Dies


Funny things can happen to recording artists when they approach middle age. There have been startling examples. Not long after he turned 40, David Bowie started Tin Machine, the curious hard rock band he later disowned. 1,063 more words

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