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From Lil Xan to Duwap Kaine, he's produced for a majority of the underground - Interview with Hip Hop Producer Jett Dean

(Major Credits? (artist/song)

I have pretty much worked with alot of the underground and i really think every song major haha. My biggest songs to date are with Swaghollywood and Fauni tho. 692 more words

Buying Beats Online

    Buying rap beats online is quickly growing and it’s great to use the internet to bring talented producers and artists from different parts of the world together. 613 more words

How to Be a True Hip Hop Artist

Here are a few concepts, or in other words, the main way on how to be a true hip-hop artist.


  1. Have your own style. Be unique.
  2. 301 more words

How to Make Pro Hip Hop/Rap Beats

Hey, I’ve been making music for a little while now and I’ve been able to generate a steady income from it. But when I began I had no idea where to start. 470 more words

What's the difference between Lease and Exclusive?

Leasing Rights:

Leasing rights give the music artist a certain amount of uses per lease. Once it runs out, the customer would need to buy another lease for the same beat. 406 more words

How to Write Lyrics to a Rap or Hip Hop Song

Are you an aspiring rapper looking to make a smash hit? Are you ready to surpass the footsteps of Tupac Shakur, Nas, Well then, you’re in the right spot. 813 more words

How to Become a Hip Hop Music Producer

Rapping is very lucrative business, but hip-hop producers work behind the scenes, creating instrumental tracks for a record company, or just for fun. There are many types of producers, but they all follow the same basic steps. 712 more words