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Impersonation of Eminem

So again we say we don’t want a war
Thug passions spilling out onto bloody floors
Bust a gat like nuts we workaholic porn stars… 251 more words


Nas Feels 'Hip Hop Is Dead' Did More Harm Than Good

This week saw the 10th anniversary of Nas’ controversial Hip Hop Is Dead album. The skillful MC penned the project at a time when ringtone rap was at an all-time high and #barz were seemingly no longer a requirement for dopeness. 218 more words


An Old School Dude Asks: Why The Fuck Do People Keep Saying Hip Hop is Dead?

Recently, I have been walking on the treadmill. Well, sometimes, I move faster than just walking. I use the treadmill for two reasons: weight loss and fighting stress/depression/anxiety/what-the-fuck-ever-else. 404 more words


Y'know what I mean 03.31.16

Sacred pimpin small big bizness
Black power turn to ho power
Money fo da twerkin and frozen water accoutrements
Dangling necklace for da hungry hangman… 126 more words