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Hip Hop is Dead (and I killed it)

I only convey the phrases he tells me to portray to you

The word is the bread

 Deeply imbedded into my thoughts

So I only speak when I am lead to talk… 66 more words

Money Idols

Yeah you rap about the chains and loot, the game and crooks
Spreading word about Dolce&Gabbana
Get those kids by rhyming bout marijuana
Talk about money, big talk hero 6… 194 more words


7 Things I'm Tired of Hearing from Rappers

Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish who’s a good rapper and who isn’t. A lot of emcees are innovative, exciting and bring something X-Factor to the game and we love them for that. 619 more words


The Unbearable Whiteness of Singing

When Kanye mounted the stage and took the mic from a shell-shocked Taylor Swift, a nation wept for her embarrassment and heartbreak.

Revenge, best served cold, is Taylor’s. 207 more words

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Hip Hop Is Dead And I Have The Shirt To Prove It

There are times when I come across a shirt and I just have to buy it. Not because I think it’ll fetch a lot of money, but because it is so unique and different and, well… maybe I’ll just try it on to see what I look like in it. 185 more words

T-Shirts In The Store

Hip Hop is Dead: Here's Why

I am a big Hip Hop fan and have been listening to it for more than ten years. Born in the Dominican Republic but raised in the Bronx I have been listening to Hip Hop practically all of my life. 606 more words

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