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Why Are Hip Openers Are So Good For Me ?

Hip openers are the most requested moves in Yoga and can bring a sense of release to the person. Virtually the whole of what we practise in yoga opens the hips from a up dog to a wheel pose. 78 more words

Valentine's Day: Heart and Hips

Like many instructors, I’ve often drawn from holidays to inspire a yoga class. Valentine’s Day naturally lends itself to heart-opening sequences. However, Valentine’s Day is not all about heart chakras. 137 more words

Planning a Routine

“Looks like there’s a trail that goes up beside the waterfall.”

I followed my husband’s gaze to a tiny wisp of trail that appeared to climb straight up the side of the mountain. 996 more words

5 Hip Openers for Better Movement

Tight hips have an impact on most of your movement, from how high you can step up, to how low you can squat down. Keeping your hips open and functional is an important piece to keeping you moving at your best, with more power and less pain.   218 more words

Brenna Backe

8 Yoga Poses that Help Open the Hips

When the yoga teacher says we’ll be working on our hips for class, I do cartwheels inside. I love hip openers! My hips used to be tight, but after more than a year of practicing yoga, they slowly became more flexible and open. 455 more words