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It's Hip to Be Square - Except When It's Not.

“Inhale, step your left foot forward into Warrior I as you square your hips to the front.” calls the teacher.

Somewhere in the back of the room, a student is sweating, unable to breath smoothly because, dammit – those hips won’t square. 760 more words


Gluteal Exercises Part 1: Clams

A staple beginner’s Pilates exercise, clams come in many different shapes and sizes and can be made more advanced in many different ways.

The Starting Positions… 675 more words


Hip Openers & Twists For Stability Through Change

As we move into the first days of Spring, new growth and transformation are the theme of the season. What appears to be challenge, often offers the best opportunity for deep and personal growth —the chance to blossom. 59 more words


Small epiphanies in Yoga

I recently taught a workshop on hip openers for a group of enthusiastic yoga teachers in Helsinki, Finland. As the hips are said to be the trash bin of ignored and trapped emotions, I decided to start the workshop with a short (that turned out to be rather long, really) talk about the issue. 428 more words


Simple stretches to prevent and relieve tendonitis in the back of the hip

Recently one of my clients came to me with pain in his hip extensor tendons. What had happened was that after many years of bad postural habbits and extreme tightness in the backs of the legs, the tendons in the backs of his hips had inflamed. 867 more words