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Simple stretches to prevent and relieve tendonitis in the back of the hip

Recently one of my clients came to me with pain in his hip extensor tendons. What had happened was that after many years of bad postural habbits and extreme tightness in the backs of the legs, the tendons in the backs of his hips had inflamed. 867 more words


Yoga head to toe; happy hips 10||2

Did you know there are about 20 muscle that extend through the hip? So we could actually almost any yoga pose is a hip opener. With our day to day life constantly being a stop and go type of life we can easily lock up out hips and overuse the spine. 847 more words


Powerful Poses

Happy Wednesday! Welcome to another week in our series Powerful Poses. We hope the poses and people we share with you each week are inspiring and educating you on some of the many benefits of a yoga practice. 156 more words


bird of paradise pose

Whenever I go to Melissa’s Thursday night flow class I never know what kind of contortionist I’ll become.  Last night was all about binding poses.  Generally, I am quite capable of half-binding, but full binding had eluded me.   305 more words


Yoga for Runners - Hips Don't Lie

Originally this article in appeared on the PROBAR blog.  You can find it in its entirety here.

Runners’ bodies often need a special practice that’s tailored to complement their main sport. 597 more words

Yoga For Runners

Why we concentrate on hip opening classes

Almost all of us hate hip openers from the bottom of our hearts. The reason are tight hip flexors, tension in deep pelvic stabilizers, shortened hamstrings and all of this happens due to our sedentary life style and lack of stretching routines. 277 more words

Yoga for Doggies

Perfect Balance with Yoga offers a donation class every Tuesday morning at 7:30 AM

The profit of the classes will be transferred to Humane Society of Ottawa to help the dogs and cats that are not as lucky as our pets are. 77 more words