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Some Useful Hip Openers

I’ve noticed that sometimes when I sleep on a different mattress, I wake up with a stiff lower back.  Countless people have told me that they experience the same ‘stiffness’ if they sit for too long.  491 more words


Day 25: Hips again

A noon yoga class was just what my body needed. My cold culminated in an ear infection and now I’m smack in the middle of a course of antibiotics. 131 more words


throwing out...

I think you remember my last week’s post on how interesting the mind was and that we just curtained the old things and start forgetting them when we learned new things. 1,570 more words

Happy Hips

One of my students’ top complaints is tight hips and I spend a lot of time both in my home practice and in the classes that I teach focusing on this area. 28 more words


Tramping, Hiking, Trekking, Walking, - YOGA! A standing Sequence to prepare you

Just walk a little‘ Reese Weatherspoon’s character Cheryl told her brother in Wild, after hiking 2,650 miles along the Pacific Crest Trail  a journey that ‘ 3,794 more words


Q&A: Ross Rayburn

Ross Rayburn travels the world teaching  yoga. He will be at Pulsation Yoga April 17-18 leading three workshops that focus on hip openers, hand balancing, and forward bends and twists. 312 more words