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Ice Hockey Injuries: Who gets hurt and why does it matter?

Ice hockey is an inherently physical sport and as such creates situations where injury is possible and often likely. With the influence that injuries can have on a team’s success, research has started to focus on our ability to assess injury risk and prevent injuries before they occur. 1,655 more words

Physical Therapy

Hullywood Icons Make Look North on the opening weekend of the Exhibition at HIP Gallery

The Hullywood Icons made it onto Look North on the opening weekend of the Exhibition at HIP Gallery in Princes Quay.

Hipster Jogger

These young guys drive me crazy. They’re not only impossibly fit and dressed to the nines, they seem to want to be sure everyone in their vacinity notices how cool they are.


Me, Me, & Me

I look 12 in this picture but I turn 17 on March 14. My name is Ericka, yes spelled with a “c and k” and normally people misspell it or ask me “is it with a k or a c?” and I’m like “Both!”. 254 more words



Devotion for Saturday February 18, 2017        

Topic: Jacob Prevailed

Text: Genesis 32:24 – 28

Struggle is part of human existence. 331 more words


A Visit to the Chiropractor Could Improve Your Sex Life

Most people don’t go to a chiropractor for a better sex life, but that extra benefits is a pretty happy accident. “People come in with back pain, but after adjustments, they come back and tell me their sex life is so much better,” says Jason Helfrich, co-founder and CEO of 100% Chiropractic. 434 more words


Flamingo Theme

What’s up everyone? It’s been a while since the last post, but rest assured: I’ve made so many themes. The best themes yet, you’re gonna see. 77 more words

Color Scheme