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Apple's latest store is a hip Chicago riverside meetup spot

(Source: www.stuff.tv)

Apple loves its glass walls and wood furnishing, and you see more of that in this spanking new location. But more than that, this store is an ambitious attempt to connect North Michigan Avenue, Pioneer Court and the Chicago River. 126 more words


Hip and Groin Pain Symposium synopsis – Part 1: Gluteal muscle rehabilitation with Adam Semciw

This is an excellent synopsis and recap of the Hip and Groin Pain in Sport Seminar that was held at La Trobe in August last year 2016. 357 more words

How Heavy is 275 lbs?

Just when it seems like everything is feeling decent, something doesn’t. I didn’t sleep overly well last night and struggled to find a position that would alleviate my physical discomfort while allowing me to fall asleep. 1,004 more words


Has Conventional Polyethylene Become Obsolete in THA?

Highly cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) has been in clinical use for nearly 15 years. In acetabular components for total hip arthroplasty (THA), XLPE’s superior wear characteristics and lower revision rates, relative to conventional polyethylene (PE), have been demonstrated in numerous studies. 201 more words


The Influence of the Hip and the Foot on the Knee: Identifying Biomechanical Risk Factors for Injury

The knee is a relatively complex joint considering its hinge based status and primary flexion/ extension movements. Placed between two multi-axial joints which can be quite unstable, the knee can often feel the brunt of non-contact injuries associated increase forces from poorly controlled hip and ankle joints. 947 more words

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