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Approach with caution!

See this face? This was pre-tronchanteric hip injection that occured just over an hour ago. You can learn about the procedure here. The misery of pain is clearly written in my eyes and throughout my face. 382 more words


Gone Hiking...Hips Doing Great

At my new job I am exposed to a lot of outdoor stuff and it really gave me the hiking bug. The last 2 weekends in a row we have gone hiking and I love it. 355 more words

Hip Arthroscopy

D-Dimer Levels May Help with PJI Diagnoses

The percentage of periprosthetic joint infections (PJIs) among patients requiring revision arthroplasty of the hip and knee is increasing. PJIs have important clinical implications both for revision surgical procedures as well as pre- and postoperative management. 203 more words


Nestlé and Blue Bottle couldn't be more different — but here's why the companies could be the perfect match

(Source: www.businessinsider.com)

Nestlé is dropping up to $500 million to take a majority stake in the hip coffee brand Blue Bottle Coffee.

At first glance, the two companies have little in common: one is a hip coffee chain with roughly 50 locations, and the other is a $259 billion mega-company that owns brands including Nescafe, Nespresso, and Coffee-mate. 467 more words


Friday Night Cypher #63

The lineup is crazy as always on this week’s Friday Night cypher.

Listen every week to the Friday Night Cypher live on your radio, powered by Remy Martin, live this week at 9p on HOT 107.5. 20 more words


Improve your balance to prevent injuries

Injuries, especially sudden injuries of the legs are often caused by falling. That goes for injuries of the ankle as well as for the knee and the hip. 471 more words


The History of BRÛ

After years of well.. drinking coffee, it became quite clear that if a great all around cup of #brû was to be experienced, it was gonna need to be done right, roasted onsite & slow-BRÛ’d w/o compromise. 351 more words