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Pigeon Pose for Trauma Release

When I first came to yoga, I used to dread hearing the yoga instructor (whom I was quite fond of!) start leading us into Pigeon Pose (known in Sanskrit as… 540 more words

Fructosamine Bests HbA1c for Preop Glycemic Screening

Patients with diabetes have an increased risk of postoperative complications following total joint arthroplasty (TJA). Additionally, perioperative hyperglycemia has been identified as a common and independent risk factor for periprosthetic joint infection, even among patients without diabetes. 268 more words


High Value Joint Replacements at Physician-Owned Hospitals

In the November 15, 2017 issue of The Journal, Courtney et al. carefully evaluate CMS data to compare TKA and THA costs, complications, and patient satisfaction between physician-owned and non-physician-owned hospitals. 292 more words


Allow me to reintroduce myself


Public Service Announcement-Jay Z

Defining Hip Hop is nearly impossible because its far beyond a genre of music, its evolved into a fast track lifestyle that is found in almost every aspect of your current life. 322 more words


Weedy T releases cutaway single from the 14 Carat Gold album

Many have been anticipating for Weedy T former known as Timo Abdul Aziz Pahad to release his 2nd studio album titled the 14 Carat Gold album. 117 more words

Samore's Love & Hip Hop New York Season 8 Episode 3 BODIED ☆ #LHHNY | (recap/ review) - YouTube

Love and Hip Hop NY :Bodied S8 episode 3 We open up with Lil Mo singing in the streets like she is trying to get that change.mshe went from being with a prea…

Why are Strong Glutes Important?

By Grant Uyemura, DPT Student

What do the glutes do?

The glute is made up of 3 muscles glute maximus, medius, and minimus. The main action of the glute maximus is hip extension and external rotation. 251 more words

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