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Bad Hyper Irony: The WORDS ON A STICKER Sticker.

I walked into my local hip/ironic shop the other day. I saw a product that made seething anger rise up inside of me. The “WORDS ON A STICKER” sticker made my brain hurt. 122 more words

Brunch Gets a Contemporary Transformation at Townsman

By Bovey Rao ’17

Let’s retake brunch and make it our own. Brunch, of all the meals, has the most posh reputation with fancy sounding dishes and cocktails. 680 more words


Barista or Tweaker?

There is a barista competition in Kansas City this week. Lots of shaky, jittery people in town right now.

At first, I thought they were just the regular downtown tweakers and bath salt smokers. 51 more words

Sunday Brunch

I had some friends over one weekend last year and for some reason I had the urge to bust out my Maschine and just go for it. 101 more words


Kano - Endz (Official Video)

Grime legend Kano is back with a video to his latest track ‘Endz‘.

In the track, Kano talks on the precarious relationship between rising to success and being from the streets of East London. 56 more words


Ray-Ban Balorama.

In 1967 Ray-Ban released the Balorama, famously styled by Detective Harry Callahan in the 1971 film ‘Dirty Harry’. Eminently hip and oozing style the Balorama comes with the classic G15 polarised lens for comfort.

Get a pair – ‘feel lucky’