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Gym Class Hero

I’ve just joined a new gym, I know what you’re thinking, it’s January EVERYONE just joined a gym. Well, I was already a gym member elsewhere so I sort of don’t count. 743 more words


Wildwuchs Fastmoker Pils


/decent, muddy shade

/good foam, slightly bubbly

/a good Pils, almost too fruity for what you are used to. But the exotic flavor comes at a nicely tempered level. 18 more words


Day 22 -My hip is still niggling ... :(

I haven’t run for a couple of days, but my right hip is still niggling me. Even during a gentle walk I can feel it – a dull ache deep in the back of my hip. 74 more words

Kuehne Mystique IPA


/unfiltered, slightly light shade

/good foam, rather fine and smooth

/this one is interesting because you do not realize you drink a wheat beer until you read it. 16 more words


Stylishly cool in Pop Art

Once upon a time…there were ugly Campbell soup cans and boring bottles of Coke suddenly became the symbol of cool after Andy Warhol transformed them into art. 25 more words


30 Hottest Spring 2017 Trends

I can’t believe that there are 30 great different trends that are all so different, some are old trends, some are new trends, and other trends are breaking through with hybrid styling, by bringing back old styles from 80’s and 90’s but putting a modern twist on them so they can be a hit. 34 more words