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A Bloomin' Good Time

With blue skies and sunshine, my camera in hand, and its battery fully charged, I headed out into my garden to take a few ‘happy snaps’. 595 more words


The Naked Ladies in all their glory...

Here are some pics of this gorgeous lily from my daughter’s yard.  I had lots of them, given to me by a neighbor long ago, and there are still a few around from that bunch of bulbs.    119 more words

This And That

Bold Indulgence

Each year I watch with breathless anticipation as the bulbs throw up flower buds on my Papilio. Thought to be near extinction in their native habitat in the tropical forests of Brazil, the name ‘Papilio’, is latin for butterfly. 306 more words


Hippeastrum in Summer

As soon as it’s warm enough each year, I put all my hippeastrum (amaryllis) under the pecan tree in the yard–Usually all are done blooming then and are growing their leaves–After a few months they go in the sun for the summer, as here on the deck steps–I love the big, strap-like leaves–Massing the pots together emphasizes their lushness–Some of these plants are 3 ft high– 28 more words

Bulbs To Light Up Spring

We’ve had a spectacular spring for bulbs, both inside and out, largely thanks to J. Parker’s who have kindly supplied us with a fabulous selection to trial this year. 790 more words


Bonus Blooms

A good Amaryllis/Hippeastrum bulb will bloom twice.

If you peek in the boxes from most “big box” stores the contents look like half a bulb because they split them. 39 more words


Amaryllis aren’t just for indoor viewing

I won’t deny that amaryllis (Hippeastrum sp.) is one of the most striking flowering houseplants. Huge clusters of flowers are dramatic and that’s why people pay so much for a single bulb. 517 more words

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