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I did paint. I really did but not much. And my cheap little camera broke. Knocked off the table too many times by the cats and our good digital camera was stolen when our home was broken into last month. 194 more words

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Woodstock, Janis Joplin and Wading In

Jump in The Way-Back Hippie Bus with me Peace Seeker. On August the 16th Janis took the stage. I love her. Today’s song is one of my favorites with her soulful voice…Summertime. 125 more words

Hippie Art

Wooden Ships of Peace

Maybe it’s the day, the gray overcast beauty, the kind I love so much, I don’t know, but this song is the one speaking to me so I’m sharing it with you my Peace Seeking friend. 75 more words

Hippie Art

Hippie Bus To Woodstock

I’m posting my words from the https://thebarefoothome.wordpress.com here because, this is my week man. This is Woodstock week! We need to keep the peace vibe! We must choose Peace! 134 more words

Hippie Art

Woodstock Anniversary, Let's Keep The Peace Vibe Alive

In case you don’t drop by https://thebarefoothome.wordpress.com where I post a little something everyday I want to be a bit redundant and post the message here as well. 79 more words

Hippie Art

My Art Is Going To Be On TV!!!!!!!!

In just a few minutes…it’s currently 8:27 in NC, my art, one of my sunshines will be on the CBS Sunday Morning Show!! First section after the weather maps. 118 more words

Hippie Art

Day 217 of 365 Days...For What's It Worth

Peace Seekers, don’t you wonder why sometimes? Why the battle lines? Why all the hate? Why?

If we could be a whole world of Peace and Love what a world that would be. 72 more words

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