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Day 262 of 365...

This morning’s song was One Love. The week is just about over and I still don’t have the slightest clue of what the songs mean when put together. 182 more words

Peace Love Art

Day 259 of 365

The song playing in my head this morning when I woke up was Luca, a super sad song. I haven’t thought of this song in so long. 114 more words

Peace Love Art

Day 258 of 365, Music Days, Love Me Do

So, last week I focused on quirks, mine, only a week’s worth of the many. This week I’m focusing on the song I wake up with playing in my head inexplicably every morning. 86 more words

Peace Love Art

New Look!

I spent one whole day last week working on the site, the entire day! No art! Just webbing lol. But I think it paid off. I like it. 173 more words

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Day 256 of 365, Music...in my head!

Apparently I’ve accumulated a lot of quirks.

So, here’s another one, I wake up every morning with a song playing in my head. I do. Sometimes it’s even a commercial jingle but those are more rare. 80 more words

Peace Love Art

Defy Normal


rethinking the art quilt layout

maybe possibly using the trunk a different way (it’s a long story)

define normal

Well, really nothing goes as planned in the studio. 89 more words

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Day 242 of 365 Days Purging Stuff and Making Plans

I purged my clothes again today. I’m embarrassed by how much crap I can accumulate. I don’t spend a lot of money though. My wardrobe comes from yard sales. 216 more words

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