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August/September Looks

Sorry but I decided I hate the old layout, everything I wear is either from charity shops or places which closed down at this point… 185 more words


July Looks

Since it’s very nearly the end of August (oops) I briefly considered merging the two ‘looks’ segments into one post – but then decided against it. 125 more words


June Outfits

Another month, another outfit post! Only, this time, I’m going to try and note down where I actually bought everything – when I can remember it… 173 more words



The festival season is upon us in the UK.  The sun is shining, the music is playing and for a short time we can escape and enjoy the moment.   194 more words


Blog Hiatus Outfits (April/May)

Hello! Me again!

I’ve noticed that the posts which get most attention are my outfit ones – which I think is wonderful, because, if you didn’t already know, my clothes are hugely important to me in terms of who I am. 277 more words


Farrah Fawcett Vibes

I’m in Anaheim, California for a work conference with my amazing team! Having so much fun in the sun (and pool!). I pulled out a 70’s look today because I just love my hippie fashion. 62 more words

March Outfits

Sorry this one’s late again… I really need to start getting these ready for the end of the month…

I cheated slightly with this one – the last 6 are from earlier this month, the reason being that in a couple of weeks I’ll be on full placement for my course. 258 more words