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Whew! I slept 7 hours, feeling better this morning.

Until I realized that my lawn needs mowing, and my son was off yesterday and could have done it but I didn’t even think to tell him. 602 more words


Rebellious Teenagers

You know, you do your best to raise your kids properly; teach them right from wrong and how to be good global citizens. They still end up rebelling and breaking your heart. 555 more words

Spring "Field"

Religious studies is the heir to the extended family of humanities “disciplines.” It’s the youngest, the least mature, the least “developed,” the protege that soaks up traits and ideas from grandparents, aunts and uncles, and so on. 452 more words

Healthy Living

So one of my friends pointed out a mutual friend is currently trying to fall pregnant and has been told by a certain hippy character we know that she will come by with some henna to help her dye her hair. 421 more words

Modern Living

Flash Fiction #94

PHOTO PROMPT © Mary Shipman


They’d spent a wonderful week at the little lakeside tourist town when he finally succumbed to curiosity about the sign. 101 more words


VW Bug

Quite some time ago, I was at a Chinese restaurant that I really like, and at the end of the meal, my fortune cookie had a message that said something like “Something on four wheels will be a fun investment for you in the near future.” 278 more words


Ma, Please Don’t Make Me Go to AfrikaBurn

I am of the firm and growing conviction that the world is divided into two distinct types of people: those who Burn and those who don’t. 728 more words