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Counter Culture

Once I finish writing this post I will never reread it again. At least until I publish it out onto the internet where we know nothing ever dies. 1,360 more words


Las tribus urbanas son los partidos políticos de los jóvenes. Pués en esa juventud se ven reflejadas las antagonías y contradicciones de un sistema o de una época del mismo. 1,201 more words


The Return to India

The scream should have woken everyone within a 5 mile radius. It was 2.30am. The room was dark.
Lyvette nearly toppled out of her top bunk, clutching her beloved mouthwash that she cuddles at night. 2,123 more words


rational - irrational politics and protection against that

I have played one onlyne browser game ‘Nation states’.This game is political simmulation. I accepted issues in this game. But, there were some strange things of issues. 355 more words



I’m a BIG Yoko Ono fan and I really dig her WAR IS OVER campaign. I especially dig all the free WAR IS OVER downloads she offers in a multitude of languages at… 19 more words


Two Decades of Dying: the Tragic Story of Jerry Garcia and His Slow Drug Suicide

Left: Garcia in the early 1970’s. Not a hard drug user and also at the healthiest weight he would ever be.

Right: Jerry less than one month before death. 1,004 more words

The Election

The grownups are freaking out. Something called a Presidential Election is happening out in the world. All the grownups want to cry, they are having meetings and pacing around, wringing their hands with twisted worried faces. 1,196 more words