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Elvis Presley: Racist and Anti-Communist (1970)

The Nixon-Presley Meeting 21.12.1970

Much is made about an alleged racist comment Elvis Presley is supposed to have made in 1958 – but in reality his 1970 letter to President Richard Nixon reveals his true support for the White establishment and how he was prepared to use his celebrity to deceptively infiltrate minority ethnic and leftwing political groups (that liked his music) on behalf of the rightwing US government of the corrupt President Nixon. 1,383 more words

Leftwing Political Analysis


One of the main attributes of any good hippie is buying into the concept of non conformity. We were down with counterculture, down with breaking traditions, down with zippers, free love, and expensive weed. 904 more words

1967 and all that.

Guest Post.
Fifty years past. The Summer of Love ; Sgt Pepper; homosexuality decriminalised. Momentous events. Ursula Jeffries remembers her time as a young executive in London. 
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Spare Change of Circumstances

While I’m waiting to hear from Peter, I meet a man who seems enchantingly desirable to me. He is dark and graceful, a sometimes member of the street theater collective Angels of Light. 755 more words


good riddance

I hear that the mass murderer C. Manson has passed aged 83. Although I’m not sure he actually killed anyone ? he certainly led the charge… 81 more words

For many, Charles Manson cult killings ended era of love

LOS ANGELES (AP) — In summer 1969, a scruffy ex-convict with a magnetic hold on young women sent some of his disciples into the night to carry out a series of gruesome killings in Los Angeles. 1,043 more words


Cease To Exist: Charles Manson's Pop Culture Influence

Charles Manson has died. What you think you know about him might not be the truth – but the legend is bigger than mere facts could ever hope to be. 1,761 more words