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Amazing Photographs of Life at a #Hippie Tree House Village in Hawaii in the 1970s

Amazing Photographs of Life at a Hippie Tree House Village in Hawaii in the 1970s

Taylor Camp was born in the spring of 1969 when Howard Taylor (brother of actress Elizabeth) bailed out thirteen hippies seeking refuge from the ongoing campus riots in America and police brutality. 94 more words


In Case You Don't Realize How Nuts This Is

Hippies have taken over the St. John’s Bridge to obstruct the passage of a Shell Industrial ship heading to the Arctic Ice Shelf to drill, baby, drill!   188 more words


Bureaucracy (the word) is dead

Nobody talks about bureaucracy anymore. When they do, it’s a quaint word from the Sixties when hippies raged against faceless bureaucrats.

Those faceless gray bureaucrats turned us into to numbers, not the individualistic, free-willed, peace-loving, flower children that we were. 474 more words

Things I Love: Nature Spirit Earth Market

The addition to the Madrona Marketplace is complete and we have a handful of new stores! There’s a Home + Garden store with a bit of a Canadian Tire feel to it, a fitness gym, a small jewelry store, a cool gift store called Wishbone with deli and ice cream bar (they also have some great designer kitchen knick knacks there and some nice specialty foods) and the health food store, Nature Spirit Earth Market (Dorothy, the owner, has an online magazine that can… 116 more words


July 29th, 2015


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A meeting place for folks who know they’re human

 $3.99 plus $2.00 S&H



Thoughts on “Make Love not War” get together Dusseldorf Germany

It won’t make a difference, nor the endless stream of petitions we sign. Even if a minor concession or victory is gained it’s as a drop in the ocean and the tide is coming in! 230 more words


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There is nothing great about being carefree

Some more new age-isms I have encountered recently – ‘Our natural state is to be carefree like children’.

Who comes up with this rubbish anyway? Firstly children aren’t carefree. 154 more words