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Bussana Vecchia

tthe 9th century town that was destroyed by an earthquake in 1867, then adopted by hippies in the 60’s. Glorious.

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Smoky As a Shanghai Suburb in Summertime

Apparently 8:30 in the morning is a great time to crack out the wine, I mean who doesn’t start their day off with several glasses of Pinot Noir and enough fags to suffocate a baby elephant? 293 more words


Hitching Around Puna

My first ride hitchhiking in the Puna district was with two old hippies, beards to their stomachs, who started smoking pot as soon as I got in the car. 1,111 more words


Festival Round 2

Electric Forest set the bar high. I walked into an environment full of people I swore I would hate, music I definitely hated and an attitude of intimidation. 165 more words

The Haight was Full of Hate: The True Story of the Summer of Love

Come to the Summer of Love! We have “a nightmare of frustration, anger, disillusionment, despair, racial conflict, and disease swirling about Haight Street, turning it into a tension-filled area simmering with hostility. 2,799 more words