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The Glastonbury Hug

Hugging has been used for millennia across the world as a greeting, a farewell or affirmation between loved ones as well as providing comfort and being a social easing tool. 451 more words


Lynyrd Skynyrd - Freebird

This video is worth watching for the fashion alone. But when there is a classic rock song such as Free Bird, then you gotta take the time to tune in and drop out…

Rebel Voice Music

Angel Island

In 1971 – 72,  Mike and Sally attended Lamaze classes at Humboldt State University.  There they met another couple who introduced them to recorder music.  My parents played fancy wooden ones, not the plastic ones we all played in 5th grade.  136 more words


6 Weeks Post Op

I saw my surgeon yesterday for my 6 week follow up. He said my x-rays look “beautiful” and everything is in place where it should be. 2,116 more words

Σπηλιές στα Μάταλα!

Αν και έχει γίνει ένας δημοφιλής τόπος προορισμού, διατηρεί ακόμα τη γοητεία και το χαρακτήρα του ήρεμου χωριού των ψαράδων, έτσι όπως άρχισε στην αρχή του 20ου αιώνα και του χαλαρού τρόπου ζωής των hippies της δεκαετίας του ’60 και του ’70. 8 more words

Hola, ola.

Yo se que mi espanol es tan feo. Y no se como hacer acentos en mi tablet. Lo siento, lo siento.


El vendador de gas, 91 more words

Glastonbury and the Glastafarians

 Welcome to the Isle of Avalon.

In June, after every, nearly yearly Glastonbury festival, hundreds of tired, muddied and substance-modified teenagers appear on the benches of Glastonbury high street, wearing their festival hats, ready for the next open-ended summer adventure. 1,489 more words