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Spaces | Hola Hippy Market Ibiza

What a unique place! Filled with over 500 stalls featuring homemade Jewellery, Henna artists, clothing, music, street food and much more. This was a great opportunity to immerse ourselves in some cultural history and what lead to the creation of Ibiza. 289 more words

Hanging with Hippies in Arembepe

I took a brief break from the hustle and bustle of Salvador and headed to Arembepe, a small coastal town less than 50 kilometres away. 368 more words


Just a hippie chic

Being born in 1968 with the timing a decade off for me to actually have been a “real hippie” much to  my father’s delight.  Their attitude, clothes, hair, lifestyle and beliefs set this generation of hippies apart from all previous generations of American youths who wanted a different way of life. 296 more words

Tomorrowland Packing List

THE TIME HAS ARRIVED. T-Minus 2 days until I embark on the most epic journey of my entire life. This goes without saying, but I have dreamed about this weekend for my entire life. 207 more words