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Book Review - Member Of The Family By Dianne Lake

This week’s book is an autobiography by someone who I was oddly fascinated with when I was a kid. Dianne Lake aka Dianne Bluestein aka “Lake the Snake” was the fifteen year old girl in the Manson family who ultimately testified against him at the trial. 616 more words

Book Review

Let Nothing Rule Over You But Your Own Heart And Mind

This is for the dreamers, the believers, the ones who never quit. For the ones who stand their ground when the world pushes them down. For the ones who believe the voice in their head, even when others speak louder, even when it is a mere whisper, and even if, and when, it may lead them astray. 352 more words

Marisa Donnelly

Through the lens of Carter Tomassi

In my ever expanding hunt for all things Allman Brothers related, I purchased a Carter Tomassi print a year or so ago and mentioned that I would love to interview him about his photographs.  1,333 more words


The Tripper - USA, 2006

‘Move over, Jason. Look out, Freddie. Heeere’s Ronnie!’

The Tripper is a 2006 American comedy horror slasher film produced and directed by David Arquette from a screenplay co-written with Joe Harris ( 605 more words


A white boy speaks of race

Yes, I know, political correctness maintains that white people have no title to an opinion on the subject today, but I’ve never been much for following rules – not back when conservatives were the cultural police and not now with liberals as the cultural police. 646 more words


Let The Mailbag Shine In


whatever happened
to the whole
“dawning of the Age
of Aquarius” thing–

— you know,
” harmony and trust
abounding ”
– and all that rot. 270 more words