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Hendrix and Home from Woodstock

“What the hell is that?”

“It’s ‘50’s music, Sha na na.”

“Tell me I didn’t sleep through Hendrix.”

“Nope.” Leona peeled her blanket from the well soaked ground. 712 more words

Jonna Ellis Holston

Admitting Defeat

Hello all! Wowza my life kind of got scrambled for a minute there. Often in our lives we have one, two.. heck even a hundred different occurrences pulling us in what feels like a million different directions. 285 more words

Away of Life

1967 was one of those milestone years for me. After living in Patcham since the age of 5¾, things were about to change. I’d just turned 18 and was about to leave home, or to be more accurate home was about to leave me, as Mum and Dad were at last to realise their long held dream of retiring to Exmoor, and rather than leave my beloved Brighton I’d opted for the spare bedroom at my great Aunt Dorothy’s rambling house in Hove. 725 more words



I will be fifty nine years old on October the fifth this year. Five point nine decades of intermingling with all of you.

My early childhood was during the remnants of the 1950’s. 482 more words



Órgiva is a small town a little south of Granada, nestled in a mountain range known as the Alpuharras. It is around an hour’s drive out of Granada city. 959 more words


Squatter's Rights by Harry Jackson

Back in the 70’s and early 80’s squatters were dirty hippy/punks that lived in empty hovels that rats would’ve thought twice about moving into.

Those ‘anti social layabouts’ had nothing better to do than protest and waste taxpayers hard earned cash by claiming twenty eight pounds a week in benefits. 727 more words