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'Hippo Campus - buttercup'

Hippo Campus is an indie rock band from St. Paul, Minnesota. They are signed to Grand Jury Records in the United States and Transgressive Records in the UK. 77 more words

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Iguanas Pangolins Elephants Sea Stars and Fiona

Carol: Hello there Hurst! I’m gonna cut the small talk because I have a very important topic to talk about.

Hurst: Well okay, what is so pressing? 846 more words

Pan Verus Project

It’s the beginning of a great, big, new, adventure and where better to write about it than here, the place I started my journey. Well, I didn’t quite literally begin life on this website, but Endangered Living has been there for me as an outlet, a place to share, and a community of support over the last several years. 490 more words


Murchison and beyond day 2

14/3/17 Murchison Falls Area, Uganda
Started the day by visiting a small fishing village, where the shores of lake Albert were bustling with people doing their washing, heading out to fish (or just getting back), swimming, gathering things etc. 906 more words


God, he asks, why are these things happening to me?

Sigh, i’m not gonna smoke weed anymore.

I tried it for the first time a month ago, i can’t remember the exact day, but I tried it thinking it would be something fun to do–that it would improve my mood. 823 more words


Fiona Specialty

I initially bought these through the Cincinnati Zoo, only to find out they were sold out. I ended up finding them on Amazon. Because 58 more words


The problem isn't the problem. The problem is the way you think about the problem.

Yesterday was one of the worst days since I learned papa has cancer (a few weeks). Everything seemed to go wrong and even the gloomy and overcast sky couldn’t hide my shame. 365 more words