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I didn't sign up to guide oversized Hippos

So you are going to run Newry 10k dressed as Henry the Hippo…this I’ve got to see.

It’s not like Michael to have a random idea involving dressing up and let’s face it I married him in the hope he would balance out my crazy. 1,196 more words


New Project!

Hi Everyone!  Welcome Back!

I’m starting a new project today.  Well, I’m practicing a new skill to start a new project hopefully next week.  Tomorrow is our last day of school for the year (huzzah! 319 more words


The Pregnancy Diaries: Hippos Can be Very Aggressive

I am a fat pregnant person. I do not mean that I feel fat because I am pregnant, I mean I was fat to begin with and now I am pregnant, but I am still fat. 1,609 more words

The Pregnancy Diaries


Hippopotamus amphibius

Although the Hippopotamus seldom needs any introduction, most people are entirely unaware of just how big these portly animals are. Bulls can reach 1.7m high at the shoulder and weigh as much as 3,200kg (though usually around 2 tons), while cows are smaller, reaching weights of 1,700kg. 682 more words


Alien Covenant: A Fanboy Review

Rogue Hippo’s Review Score: 7.5

It’s difficult for me to type that…


I wanted so much more…

OK, enough moping.  It’s time to review… 1,071 more words


Small Ink #005

Seriously, I need a baby hippo in my life. 414 more words


Review of The River of Teeth by Sarah Gailey

The River of Teeth has a killer concept. It riffs off a cockamamie scheme to deal with invasive vegetation and a meat shortage in America by importing hippos en masse. 1,377 more words

Book Reviews

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