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Watching These Hippopotamus’ Chomp Through Entire Watermelons With One Bite Is Very Satisfying

There is something so relaxing about watching these giant creatures demolish giant fruit. Their vice-like jaws smash straight through these watermelons, creating an explosion of juice!


In Class April 27th: threats to biodiversity

Now that we’ve taken a look at the basics of ecology, we’ll get an overview of the HIPPO threats to ecosystems and biodiversity, which EO Wilson describes in this TED Talk, at about 16 minutes and 24 seconds in.

During Class

A Hippo for Christmas

A new beginning. I love painting but, I also love building with sculpey or other clay. These two styles of mine have been at odds with each other for years. 315 more words


Chobe, Botswana...

During our second day in Victoria Falls we opted to take a day trip to Chobe on the recommendation of our manager. He said “if you want to see elephants, you need to go to Chobe.” So we booked the trip and off we went. 269 more words


The Frenchmen of Africa

Have you ever sat by the river, watching a pod of Hippo as they wallow in the water?

Whilst enjoying a leisurely breakfast by the banks of the Mara River, we were mesmerised by the large pods of  Hippopotamus that congregated both on land and in the cool,  refreshing waters of the river.     109 more words



Written and Illustrated by Anabelle (7)

One day the hippo was just walking along, minding its own business.

And then he heard something falling out of the air. 154 more words



There is nothing more spectacular then dawn over looking the South Africa wildlife.

The sound of the birds and the bark of the hippos are the music of the wild.