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Happy Birthday Wonder Woman

On this day, in fictional comic-book history, an immortal warrior Princess was born…

Diaphanous silken banners flutter slowly in the breeze as we make our way through the tapestry of forests, mountains, and lakes that form the awe inspiring forgotten isle known as Themyscira. 174 more words


[COMIC-BASED REVIEW] Hal-hal Dasar yang Harus Diketahui Sebelum Nonton WONDER WOMAN

Kemunculan Gal Gadot sebagai Wonder Woman di film Batman vs Superman harus diakui menarik minat banyak lelaki untuk menonton film solonya, Wonder Woman, yang akan tayang pada tahun ini. 750 more words


More Wonder Woman Movie Toys Revealed, And They Look Super Fun

We got an illicit look at a couple of action figures from the upcoming Wonder Woman film a couple weeks back and they were intriguing, but now we’re getting some official images of upcoming… 521 more words

Wonder Woman

Precinct1313 Recommends: Odyssey Of The Amazons #1

Author, Kevin Grevioux is bringing his love of strong female protagonists to a new mini-series for DC Comics with “Odyssey Of The Amazons”. Grevioux is probably best known as the co-creator of the smash hit “Underworld” series of movies, the Kate Beckinsale led film franchise that dealt with the ongoing, millennia spanning conflict between Vampire and Lycan (werewolf) clans.  327 more words


Chapter Two

“What have you done?!” Hippolyta glanced over her shoulder to give her sister a look that would have made even the most senior of her soldiers cower. 1,132 more words


Chapter One

A hushed silence hung over the insignificant stretch of white sand, on an island that time itself had forgotten. The waves lapped against the shore in a whispered kiss; the breeze – that wished to violently to be a part of this moment – dared to not so much as rustle the palm leaves along the shore, despite its excitement; and the moon had lowered itself so far so as to watch the unfolding scene, it had dipped almost half way into Poseidon’s waves. 817 more words


Wonder Woman: The Birth of a Legend


“There are many myths that surrounds Wonder Woman’s birth, her early life, and how she came to us at a time we so desperately needed her. 131 more words