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Classic Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman (Vol 2) #139

Raise your swords and ready your shields as we march into yet another instalment of “Classic Wonder Woman” Precinct1313’s weekly comic cover countdown to the 75th anniversary of the ultimate Amazon warrior. 370 more words


Midsummer Night's Dream: Theseus

A lot of contemporary readers, if not most, tend to be uncomfortable with Theseus; he seems to embody The Man (in a 1970s authoritative way, not in a 20-aughts you-the-man kind of way), yet in a lot of ways, I think we’re meant to see him as an ideal ruler. 1,221 more words

Face Off Season 9 Episode 7: Shakespeare's Ladies

This was a full circle episode (you’ll see why later).  The gang had their second Focus Challenge on tap, and this time it was kind of fun.  1,072 more words

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