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Classic Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman #149

Welcome once more friends, to our ongoing classic comic-cover countdown to the 75th anniversary of the world’s first and most important female superhero. This week we bring you  201 more words


Classic Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman #1

Continuing our weekly comic-cover countdown to the amazing Amazon’s 75th anniversary, with the first full length comic-book devoted solely to Wonder Woman, released in June of 1942. 145 more words


Classic Wonder Woman: Sensation Comics #1

As you probably have realised by now if you have been a regular visitor to this site, the amazing Amazon, Wonder Woman is Precinct1313’s all-time favourite comic book character, and with her 75th anniversary gradually looming on the horizon (December 2016, fact fans) we thought it was time to do a classic covers weekly countdown to the birthday of comics’ most important female character. 186 more words


Ideal 52 #16: Superman/Wonder Woman


It the celebrity match of the century as superheroes Superman and Wonder Woman are dating — and the whole world knows about it

Key Characters: 701 more words


Ideal 52 #14: Wonder Woman


Amazonian royalty, Goddess of War, and superheroine… and she deals with them all

Key Characters:

Wonder Woman, Donna Troy, Hippolyta


Revealing she’s not clay brought to life but the living daughter of Zeus was one major change that came from the pen of Brian Azzarello, and making her Goddess of War in the aftermath only put Wonder Woman into new ground as a character. 430 more words


Costume for Titania & Hippolyta

It was difficult finding a dress that suited the style and that would fit me. We visited High Street stores but we couldn’t find a suitable dress for the 50’s style. 248 more words

Directed Performance

Super-Villain Sunday: Circe

Super-Villain Sunday this week brings you the immortal Greek witch Goddess - Circe. One of Wonder Woman’s most powerful foes, Circe was first introduced into the DC universe in Wonder Woman #37 in 1949, created by Robert Kanigher and Harry Peter. 256 more words