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The Traditio Apostolica and the Daily Office in the household

I was re-reading some parts of Hippolytus’ Apostolic Tradition, and stumbled upon this part which seems to have escaped my attention earlier, providing instructions on saying the Divine Office. 935 more words


The development of the catechumenate

Yeah yeah who wants to read some dumb paper from seminary? This was arguably the best paper I wrote. Received a very good grade and I still refer to it. 332 more words


Consider a new Church Order

I recently discovered an interesting article by F. Stanley Jones in A. Özen (ed.), Historische Wahrheit und theologische Wissenschaft, Gerd Lüdemann zum 50. Geburtstag, Frankfurt 1996, pp. 327 more words

Other Church Order Literature

The Word Made Flesh

Questions about Jesus Christ didn’t end with Mary and Joseph, who brought him into the world and raised him in Nazareth. They continued. The birth of Jesus has enormous consequences that can’t be dealt with in a day. 319 more words


An Example of Popular Prophecy Holding Tradition Over Scripture

Much of what we think we know about the end times comes from traditional teachings that have been around with us for up to 1800 years. 1,006 more words

Signpost Theology

"A Month in the Country" by Ivan Turgenev

I’ve long had a theory – which will, I am sure, be quite exploded in the comments section of this post by people better read than myself – that while the novel was establishing itself in the nineteenth century as perhaps the most important literary form of the age, drama lagged significantly behind. 1,740 more words


Modern Orthodox Practice and Hippolytus' Apostolic Traditions

A lot of people have a view that the early Church was more “organic,” with no laity-clergy distinctions, and an extemporaneous liturgy. However, there are several problems with this idea. 1,892 more words