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Roll and wallow,

bellow and burp.

Loaf all day,

and eat all night.

I wish I,

were a hippotomi!

Cheers to you from Kruger’s loudest critter~


Three Miscellaneous Haiku by Dennis Lange


My, oh my!
Sleeping, lie.



Non-Rolling Stones

Chunks of rock.
Unable to roll,
Gather moss.




The Beauty Of Keeping On

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Week 2: The Capital C

“This is Grade A 100% Pure Colombian cocaine ladies and gentlemen, disco s**t.”

When the price of a night´s worth of “disco s**t” is the same price as my South American accommodation, it´s easy to see why so many… 641 more words

Hip to the Hippopotami

It has been a rough and tumultuous 6 weeks at the NYU Summer Publishing Institute. So much of my life has been taken over by this program and thus resulted in my treating this blog with neglect. 65 more words

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