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Madvertising Monday: Ikea

IKEA! Also known as adult Lego, are famous for their always trendy, inexpensive furniture, their delicious Swedish meatballs and their instruction manuals that the internet just can’t seem to figure out. 408 more words


The Hipster Within

Ah, the Hipster Within. Yes it’s a wanky title for a very wanky story. Here it goes:

I cannot deny it no more. I am a fucking hipster. 1,106 more words


Lego + Hipster

After seeing this, I will never think of Legos or Hipsters the same way again.  And actually, the Lego version is pretty close to what I picture a hipster to look like . 15 more words



This week has been to calm to be honest I haven’t done anything which isn’t good but I cant change it now. That’s why there wasn’t a post on Sunday! 53 more words


The Rise of the Cajun Hipster

The word “Cajun” has not been synonymous with “trendsetting.” TV programs like Swamp People, Cajun Justice, and Cajun Pawn have perpetuated a certain kind of image for Cajuns, and I’ve frequently encountered this stereotype outside of Louisiana. 543 more words


Makeup and Hater Blockers

Makeup and Hater Blockers 

A big trend hipsters tend to gravitate towards is wearing thick-framed glasses. Even if a hipster doesn’t actually need glasses, good chance you will still find a fake pair in their closet somewhere. 617 more words


Out with black and gold, and in with black and denim! 

Don’t get me wrong black and gold is still a classic look especially for a fancy night out, but black and denim is something else! The two colours of denim blue and black really compliment and contrast each other! 174 more words