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Iron and Wine, Chucks and Pour-Over Coffee: The Chronicle of a Self-Hating Hipster

“I asked you a question and I didn’t need you to reply
Is it getting heavy?
But then I realize, is it getting heavy
Well, I thought it was already as heavy as can be” 2,068 more words

This Is Everyone's Dilemma After Buying The Bigger And Better iPhone 6 (Video)

When cellphones first burst onto the scene, they were the size of a brick and only slightly more functional.
Zack Morris did what he could to make them cool, but he could only do so much; the market wanted smaller phones, and smaller phones is what the market got. 6 more words

plain vanilla bakery, tiong bahru

not-bad baked goods from this beautiful whitewashed bakery in tiong bahru. from a yuppie enclave (i.e. katong), to this hipster one (the bicycles say it all) – this popular cupcake place actually also serves up a range of other items (that provide more compelling reason for a visit). 188 more words


Hazel English - Never Going Home

Stand up and take a bow Miss Hazel English who’s debut offering is a slice of  warm, hazy, summer-ish delight……that and a dozen other positive adjectives. 90 more words


Bar Story 

I love south London cocktails still under £10 and although many “hipsters” they are much less pretentious and more variety than other areas. (Less top-knots)

Portland, Oregon, is the alternative commuter's paradise

Portland, Oregon is known for its coffee, its hipsters,  generally being a nice place, and, umm, the comedy series Portlandia.

But it’s also becoming known as an alternative commuter’s paradise (and not just because of events like the… 136 more words