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Lana Del Rey

Feel good, classic, romantic, dreamy, car-ride music for you to pop in at any time. Lana has yet to let me down with her renditions of both classic and original tunes sure to make you love that you are sad and hopeful for change. 12 more words

Gavin Turek

Into hipster funk and/or house music? Well I hope you love them both. Gavin Turek teams up with house star Tokimonsta and produces the anthem to every girl’s dreamscape. 24 more words


dear diary, more Clemmy confessions

Dear Diary,

Well, things have been a bit of a mess lately. My ex, Billy Emo, has continued to torment Jude and I feel so horribly guilty for it. 240 more words


To kill a mocking hipster

New comic is up. Don’t try this at home; try this outside.


What Went Wrong With... Men's Fashion: The Lumberjack In Leggings Look?

Contemporary men’s fashion seems to be going through a period of stagnancy and almost everything you see on today’s man is an amalgamation of clothing and accessories worn over the last decade. 382 more words


Hey, do you read my blog?

The title has little to no importance to this post. It was actually a quote from a video I just saw, and I’ll be talking about that! 303 more words