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Surviving College One Coffee Shop @ a Time

If you know anything about anything, you know dark coffee, hot lattes and hipster coffee shop vibes are the key to any college kid’s survival. When you haven’t slept in three weeks, finals are coming up, and you’re trying to be somewhere other than campus but you’re also broke as hell, the answer to all your problems is coffee. 667 more words

360° of Shimokitazawa (下北沢駅) by 3GO

Just a few stations away from 渋谷 (Shibuya) on the 京王 (Keio) line is 下北沢駅 (Shimokitawa station). Amongst Tokyoites, this neighbourhood has a reputation for art, music, and fashion that is slightly “off” from mainstream, dare I say, “hipster”. 185 more words


A Gentleman's Toilette: Decorating a Small Bathroom For a Man

If every women needs a room of her own, as Virginia Woolf asserts, then perhaps every man should retain a toilet wherein he keeps his grooming and tools to himself. 527 more words

Fantasma di Gaetano Bresci studia cambio di look per non sembrare un hipster

Dalle prime ore di questa mattina lo spettro dell’anarchico Gaetano Bresci si è ripetutamente materializzato nei pressi di un barbiere a Prato, sua città natale, con l’intenzione di usufruire dei suoi servizi. 164 more words


Coffee and Hipsters

Living in Seattle for two years, and the larger PNW area for 23, I’ve always thought it is normal for there to be multiple coffee shops within a 5-10 minute walk. 89 more words

4 Signs He's Too Damn Young for You

Okay, so I am not an old maid by any means. I like to think of myself as an aspiring cougar. I am in my late 20’s and lately, since all guys my age seem to be married or awful, I have found myself going for the crop of youngin’s. 343 more words


The Heeldo Actress Naked Shitty Scatolibel #24

Οι πτερνόλισβοι, μια παράσταση που δεν είδαμε, στο Θέατρο Βυρσοδεψείο.