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Gazing at My Feet

Despite the opposition it receives by many members of the wider black metal community, I am all in favour of the ‘blackgaze’ movement.

The main reason appears to be people feeling that the fundamental values of their genre are being attacked or mocked – blackgaze generally lacks abrasiveness, and it’s presentation is decidedly “hipster”, with many people sporting shorter haircuts and having a preference for band photos taken through filters that wouldn’t look too out-of-place on the ‘justgirlythings’ tumblr. 160 more words

Buttons - part one

So life got busy, and I stopped writing about things, mainly because I sort of stopped making things for a while.  I sort of worked at learning something new, because I sort of started to figure out tatting.  722 more words

Craft Project

Old fashion

I can’t be the only one who loves old things, don’t get me wrong I love technology today. The fact that we can just talk to people today over the phone, then writing a letter to a person that’ll take maybe 1-3 days, is the best. 286 more words

Life ( - 3-)


Snowy weather in NY again. Yay! Not!! lol I am pretty sure everybody in the NY area is tired of all the snow, but you shouldn’t let the weather bring you down. 60 more words


Why American Sniper Didn't Win (Jude's first article)

What transpired at the Oscars this year should come as no surprise and no shock to hipsters across the United States.

American Sniper did not win Best Picture…………American Sniper did not win Best Picture. 219 more words


DIY canvas PT. 1

Hey guys! 

Today I’m going to show you how to accomplish this super cute print canvas. It’s super easy to make and you can get this decor look for under 10 pounds. 320 more words