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Etsy product update - "Fuck" prints added

Hello again! I have added four prints to my Etsy shop, and there are many more to come here within the next few days! These prints are 11″ x 11″, SUPER colorful, and only $10.00! 43 more words

Photo Gallery - Twinkie Meets Great Literature

I took a bunch of books and a twinkie and then I put the twinkie on the books. Read more to see the full set and a quick blurb. 203 more words

Current Mood

This is our current mood. Create a collage and tell us yours…

Pic Collage

My Moral Compass Is Broken

JANUARY 27, 2014

On an average night of drinking I usually end up making out with about two women and one man so of course last night was no exception. 369 more words

People before Animals

I have never met a hipster in my life. Yet I have heard that hipsters tend to believe they are what they eat. This quote isn’t wrong. 378 more words

Day Twelve: Old Biscuit Mill

If you are looking for an awesome local arts and food experience, I highly suggest visiting The Old Biscuit Mill. 372 more words

South Africa

Bashing The Mainstream: Why Acting Cool Is Uncool

It’s a conversation I have repeatedly with friends of mine whenever the topic is raised. Someone will make a statement about the ‘mainstream’, which will usually express the supposedly cancerous lack of originality and simplicity in current popular music. 676 more words