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things I wrote at like 5 am lol (peda 3)

When I draw yin-yang signs,it makes me sad because they all look like really weird coffee beans and even though I possess no artistic skill whatsoever,yin-yang signs are super duper easy but I fail at everything so I mean it’s,it’s acceptable.I write too much poetry but no one sees it because it’s really bad.How pathetic am I?Writing in a little notebook about not being able to draw yin-yang signs and poetry.I wonder how Torres is. 151 more words




I am enjoying my black and white stuff. Will be doing this more often :)


You know what I want for my future? Money, love, a comfortable life of course but seriously, on a lesser note, I want to live in a smaller metropolitan city. 199 more words

Random Thought

Updates and Second Dates

The past week has been pretty eventful with first dates. It is weird to think I have really only had these apps for roughly three weeks. 883 more words