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When the Pride Parade Becomes a Hipster Event: Another example of how the city is going to shit.

(This is has nothing to do with writing. But it’s my blog and I can blog what I want to.)

When I was a kid I probably went to two or three “gay” parades (don’t get all pc on me, that’s what it was called) and that was only to see the naked guy.  313 more words


What's Going Down in 'Hipstory'

Hilary Clinton with grey hair and a blue ombre? Barack Obama with dreads tied up in a manbun? (Not to mention his tattoos!)

Some of the most influential figures are going down in “Hipstory.” Illustrator Amit Shimoni envisioned our history’s influential figures as hipsters, brought to life by illustrations and print. 33 more words

Amit Shimoni

Downtown Devil's Night

Downtown Hamilton is a seedy, squalid cesspool of crackheads, lowlifes, and pregnant teenagers. Graffiti adorns pale concrete walls, sidewalks are littered with used Kleenex and fast food wrappers, the air stinks of depression and weed and cheap body spray and crushed dreams. 1,040 more words

My Life

Painted Ponies

Here’s an interesting new trend among the more hipsterish men in America. Mermen hairdo: Blue beards and purple highlights, with perhaps an unironic mustache. Supposedly, at least according to the evidence of these pictures and a post on… 33 more words

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