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This Fall's Must Have Shoes

Fashionable, classy, and hip slip-on shoes are the must have for this Fall and Steve Madden has pretty much nailed the look.

What to look for in a shoe: 45 more words


This Coffee Biohack Will Make You Feel Like Superman

We’ve all experienced it…that jittery foggy haze and energy crash a couple hours after the morning cup of java. Often times this leaves us sluggish and in a hungover state…craving another java to re-ignite the energy flame! 282 more words


From Hip Hop to Hipsters: Exploring British subcultures with illustrator Marcus Reed

Minimalist illustrator Marcus Reed takes us on a visual history tour of UK subcultures from Mods to Madchester.

Anyone growing up in the UK over the past 40 years is likely to have been part of at least one subculture. 848 more words


Cask Cocktail Bar, Cork City, Ireland

Great cocktail bar located in Cork city and a must-visit if you enjoy cool places with buzz and life! Warning – this is not a traditional Irish pub so if that is what you are looking for, go elsewhere! 64 more words

Hollywood Expressionism

His pitch in six words–
Transgender Caligari,
hipsters will love it.
John Biscello

5 tips for marketing to millennials

Are you a brand looking to tap into the younger generation?

Did you finally realize that people under the age 40 have disposable income or their parents credit card but aren’t sure how to reach into the wallets of today’s youth? 251 more words


Forget Dad hats, what about Grandpa hats??

First, I got old man glasses and now I’m adding a hat to turn up the volume on my Grandpa chic flair. Ya know, mixed with my laid back Californian vibe. 204 more words