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Hipsterdom- Jude can't sleep

Jude had a long day working at Randall’s and was fed up with how many specialized coffee orders he had to make. He was also infuriated at how many times he had heard the word “Hipsterdom” throughout his shift. 445 more words


An Australian Hipster Sojourn

Fitzroy: Melbourne’s “bohemian heartland.” Known for its plethora of murals, a funky weekend market, and dozens of vintage stores. I knew I had to check out this neighborhood. 422 more words


...of 'veggie-meat', symbiosis, & 'hipsterdom'...

…”As the veggie-meat industry grows, even carnivores are becoming converts”…”French ban on after hours e-mail is first step in the right direction”…”Are you a hipster? Here’s how to tell”… 279 more words

Victorian men on bicycles: The original hipsters?

There is an undeniable air of ‘the hipster’ in photos such as the one above. To own a bicycle, have slightly avant-garde facial hair, and wear vintage clothing, are all key ingredients if (as a man- two will suffice for women), you want to claim membership of that ever-expanding modern tribe which is ‘hipsterdom’. 1,180 more words