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Publika's Craft Beer Hideaway

Take a walk around Publika and you will notice the lovely art, a variety of retail outlets, cool cafés and restaurants. Known to only a small percentage of the population is a hidden craft beer bar named Ales & Lagers, which is located in the outer perimeters of Publika. 640 more words

Craft Beer

The hipsters - or how the things changed

One of the most common or mainstream words today is ‘hipster’, even McDonalds acknowledges that with its advert for a coffee, where they mock the hipsters’ coffees and how they sell it. 957 more words

Not your sacred Sad-girl.

My generation seems to hold its sadness sacred and romantic. I’m one of those Millennials whose adolescence held awkward court in the early 00’s.

We spent our teen years with Fallout Boy and As I lay Dying and in basements of our grandparents homes with Bob Dylan and Quiet Riot on Vinyl and in my case, hiding behind my insanely religious step-fathers shitty house listening to Nirvana on CDs borrowed from older friends who, in hindsight, someone… 328 more words

Z learns about Hipsters

Z: What’s a hipster?

Me: Why don’t you tell Z what a hipster is?

J: A hipster is a cultural locust.

Z: A cultural focussed? 42 more words


Hipster Trash Friday Pt. 1

There’s a whole lotta music out there and you think you’ve got a pretty good handle on all the ‘good’ songs, and I use quotes there because good is a subjective term, when something completely new comes along and bowls you over. 521 more words


Great Hipster Instagram Opportunity

Spotted in Athens, Greece near our Airbnb. Indeed, it does look like a great photo op for hipsters. Not being a hipster myself, I just took a pic of the graffiti and neglected to post it to Instagram.

Photo Op