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What if Theodore Roosevelt Had Won the Republican Nomination in 1912?

Continuing with the theme of political what-if’s, I’ve decided to postulate what might have been had Theodore Roosevelt, President of the United States from 1901 to 1909, been successful in his 1912 comeback attempt to not only win the Republican nomination from William Howard Taft, but the presidency as well. 849 more words

Reading and Writing: The First Casualty

In 1918, US Senator Hiram Johnson stated that “In war, the first casualty is truth.” It’s disputed whether Johnson was the first to state this. Some claims go back as far as… 52 more words

Reading And Writing

Lights On Afterschool

On October 17 students in our ASES and ASSETs programs joined thousands of others across the nation to celebrate Lights On Afterschool. This day long event highlights some of the best after school programs across the nation. 103 more words


In Memoriam

“I was a Taft man, in fifty-two. A Goldwater man, in sixty-four. And a Reagan man, in sixty-eight. This year, we never had a chance. Party unity. 406 more words

Suspension rates in Sacramento High Schools higher than national average

By Mario Ayala

A study recently released by The Center For Civil Rights Remedies talks about suspension rates in middle schools and high schools in United States. 409 more words

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Weakest front-runner ever?

Newt Gingrich opined recently that Mitt Romney was about the weakest front-runner since Leonard Wood. Leaving aside the question of what that, if true, says about Newt’s campaign, it piqued my interest – just who was… 644 more words

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