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Overqualified and Jobless

I have always been proud of my career and all that I accomplished with the company I previously worked for, but starting over has been the true definition of a struggle. 388 more words

The Struggle

Hire Me!

Hi there,

If you are looking for a dedicated, responsible and passionate individual for your work in the following areas. Please hire me!

Hire Me

Additional Services

I’ve been experiencing a few slow days here in my editing work so I’ve had time to do some work around the house instead. I’ve washed the windows, cleaned the house (goodness, it needed it) and worked a bit on my non fiction book. 697 more words

Life And Happiness

They think they own you.

Companies think they own you as a worker – they think that because you need a job (or the present one you are working at) that you are their property, that they can make you wear a T-shirt that says: “Property of______” and that you will work whenever and wherever they want you to work. 311 more words


Today I came one step closer to being Mark Cuban - I failed.

It really hit me today. “I’ve failed again.”

The feeling has been growing for weeks now, recognizable through stress, the steady flow out of my financial accounts, and the panic attacks in the middle of the night that I would never succeed and be a drain on my loved ones until my overburdened body and mind gave out on me. 578 more words


How to Write a Resume

What is a resume? Simply it is a document that lists your name and contact info, education experience, employment history and extras on one page. Sounds fairly simple doesn’t it? 413 more words

Career Advice

Returning as if from a good nights sleep.

After a grand total of 82 days, I find myself back home, where (of course) nothing has changed. I will write details of my trip in posts to come, but as things stand, and it being just over a week since I flew back to London, I’m not quite in the reminiscent mood yet. 346 more words