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How to Write a Resume

What is a resume? Simply it is a document that lists your name and contact info, education experience, employment history and extras on one page. Sounds fairly simple doesn’t it? 413 more words

Career Advice

Returning as if from a good nights sleep.

After a grand total of 82 days, I find myself back home, where (of course) nothing has changed. I will write details of my trip in posts to come, but as things stand, and it being just over a week since I flew back to London, I’m not quite in the reminiscent mood yet. 346 more words


Writing Commissions Open

Hey friends….baby wants some upgrades so she’s opening up commissions doing one of the things she’s really good at! Writin’ stuff.

Under the “Store” menu heading, there’s now a “ 282 more words


The best policy

This blog exists because I need work.
Paying jobs as a writer.
You should hire me and compensate me in Dollars or Bitcoin.

So, I’m writting in english for the first time in my carreer. 103 more words


Job Hunting - fulfilling or discouraging?

I am now in my second week of unemployment after leaving my job due to personal reasons. It didn’t seem so bad at first as I recognised how adaptable I am to different job types and I’ve been enjoying the time off to clear my head. 251 more words

3K words for $40

I can write 3000-word fiction or nonfiction piece for you for $40.

What I am offering:

If you need a fiction or nonfiction piece written, I am the person you are looking for. 140 more words


Pricing Signage

Designed this pricing sign for the Buller Sports Chalet Boutique. This is Buller Sports Specialised boutique store.