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Because Moving Sucks: And everyone knows it

Everyone knows that moving sucks. It is never easy and it seems that everything goes wrong on moving days.

My first experience with a big move was when I was in the 8th grade. 121 more words

Be Bold

In the last month or so of classes in Tacoma, I e-mailed my most influential professor to thank him for his inspiration and his teachings. I received a very simple response with two highly impactful quotes: 1,050 more words

My Weekend, Pride and Serendipity

I was away for most of the weekend and so I have for you a master blog post of what I did. Yay!

As some of you may or may not know many cities around the U.S.A were celebrating pride week. 304 more words

Post Grad: The ultimate rabbit hole

Obviously the point of this whole blog is me figuring out my life and it sucks!!

Sometimes I am excited about my future and other times my anxiety gets the best of me and I freak out. 119 more words

Hire Me

13 Reasons Karen would "Kill It" as an Afternoon/Evening BuzzFeed Social Editor

13. She thinks alarm clocks are the work of the devil.

12. She has a better relationship with her iPhone than her boyfriend.

11. Her cats are named Twitter and Hashtag. 91 more words


Fire Skies and More Goodbyes

Where do I begin? How do I begin? Nearly a full month since I last visited this space and about 6 months worth of exhaustion to share, and I don’t know how to share. 828 more words