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The Process of Job Applications & Interviews

So in my last post a couple of weeks ago, I opened up to you guys and talked a little about my graduation (soooo close!) and how I’m starting to look for jobs. 515 more words


The Mature Aged Intern

So, you’ve finished university and currently working in a job that utilises none of the skills you have learnt or maybe you’ve finally landed that marketing/accounting/IT role that you spent 3 years obtaining your degree for and come to the grim realisation that you hate everything about your job. 631 more words



I was recently introduced to a fantastic website which has a variety of mock ups for free usage. I have spent a bit of time perfecting my portfolio for when I leave university for the “Real World”. 61 more words

H is for Hopes and Aspirations #AtoZChallenge

Seems like the “this is what I want out of my career” posts are popular lately. Truth is, I want to be a published author. Big shock, yeah? 301 more words



So today is April 15th, which means I have four days left until I start summer vacation. For the past couple of months, I’ve been searching for summer employment with increasing vigour, having now reached a point of all-out desperation. 223 more words