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Regenerate Church- Logo

LOGO/BRANDING for Regenerate Church that is located in Orange County, California.

Tagline: Renew | Revive | Restart- This gave us the direction to design the logo as a start button but also show that it continues. 17 more words


Logo- Original's Barber

A fun project for a clinet/friend that is currently working on starting up his own Barbershop in Los Angeles, CA.

More of his work to come soon!


Current Status: Actively Unemployed

Hey folks,

I’m 22, I just graduated from a 4 year college, and I’m looking for my first “big girl” job. All my life, my parents (and society in general) told me that “you need to go to college to get a good job.” While I do not regret going to college, I do question if the statement (that was shoved down my throat for 18 years) is accurate. 301 more words

Is it Over?

Yesterday, even though I had an interview, I woke up calm. I felt at peace with the world. I guess it just happens sometimes. My ten o clock interview went really well. 227 more words



I have added myself to Fiverr so that I can be hired directly off that site for specific jobs. For now my services will come cheap, 5.00$ to be exact. 33 more words


better days are coming
better days are coming
better days are coming
better days are coming
better days are coming
better days are coming
better days are coming… 32 more words

Ramble On

Hire Me!

I’ve been neglecting this blog lately but for good reasons. I’ve been feeling rotten and I don’t want to download all of my angst in a post and ruin a reader or worst a potential follower’s day. 413 more words

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