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This is my attempt to get my thoughts outside of my head as I feel that is where they belong…

I just got canned.  Have you ever been canned? 138 more words


My Recent History AKA The Cover Letter I Wish I Could Write:

To Whome It May Concern,

I have been a student of the human experience for the last seven years, studying the remains of past societies and people in their various forms.  1,243 more words


The Internship

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I have been looking for internships in advertising and it has been a nightmare so far. No salary is offered, because, hey, you need experience, not the money! 343 more words


Portfolio: My Favorite Success

I haven’t posted in a while because I have been creating my portfolio, the most challenging thing of my college career thus far. It doesn’t sound hard; putting together a website with all of my best work. 219 more words


This is fine.

We’re graduating in six weeks and everyone is freaking out.

Well, not everyone. Plenty of people have jobs or internships on lock and are drinking a beer at ITap right now. 1,949 more words


Contact or Hire Me

If you wish to contact me please email me at 13colleen.oconnell (at) gmail.com

Contact Me

Life has a funny way of letting you neglect stuff

I mean, I had a solid 5 posts in a few week period going up, and then I kinda caused myself to fall off the face off the earth. 270 more words