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What I've Been Up To.

A week and some ago I started my new semester, my third so far in grad school. If everything goes according to plan (and I am a compulsive planner so it better), I should be done with my master’s degree by May of 2016. 410 more words

General Nonsense


I am currently (and still) unemployed. If my memory serves me right (it barely does), this is the longest I’ve been without a job. I try (at least for the first 2 months) to justify this lack of employment because I feel that I deserve a huge break because I slaved in a job I absolutely hated with no vacation, sick leaves or pretend-to-be-sick leaves for 2 years straight, and for my track record, that is, incredible. 372 more words

Happening At Present

Big News!

I am absolutely ecstatic to announce that I will be joining the BDN Blogging Network in a more official capacity as their new blog promoter! 69 more words

Hiring Me Makes Sense (And Money)

Hello Branding Cats,

It seems I have failed my promise to you. While my blog has been more active and more focused, I have not been as real as I’d like. 241 more words

Quote Of The Day

Understand and Appreciate When You're Lucky

Something i’ve realised recently, is that I become very overwhelmed and happy when other people are; I feel proud of other people that over come such incredible diversity and made lives for themselves despite any manner of obstacles. 196 more words

We Danced

In our high school athletics were very important. We all took phys. ed. Everything from volleyball to badminton, cross country and weight training. 2-3 to days a week you were sweating alongside your classmates, enjoying all the benefits of what sport brings. 1,213 more words