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Navigating the competitive world of freelance job boards

I did it. I took my first concrete step toward landing my first freelance gig. Can I say I’m “official” now?

I will admit, I am a professional writer, but the world of freelancing is brand new to me, so there’s a lot to learn on navigating this competitive market. 386 more words


Know when to walk away

Know when to run.

Writing is an art, and just like an oil painting, you can toil over it for hours/days/weeks –reworking and tweaking your work to get it just how you want it. 421 more words


To The Game Film

In the course of 18+ years as a communications professional, I’ve done it all.

I’ve taken to the concept of “game film” to show off some of my best work: 110 more words

Building The Business

Making It

If I haven’t written, it’s because I have reached the point of my trip where things become less fun and more scary, just in terms of stability. 191 more words

Self Discovery

Why you need a freelance writer

Let’s start with the obvious. Not everyone can write. A lot of people think they can. But the truth is they can’t write well. You need a writer who can convert readers into customers. 318 more words


The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

I want this post to lay out a little bit of who I am and what I hope to do. After all, I want to partner with you on your journey (whatever that may be), and I believe in establishing an open and transparent relationship with my clients. 455 more words


A wise man once said ...

Nick Foles’ story is incredible.

I am (like many of you, probably) obsessed with hearing more about his path.

Some perspective:

We now have a former grocery store bagger (Kurt Warner) and a guy who nearly left the game to become a pastor (Nick Foles) who have “Super Bowl MVP” on their resumes.

295 more words
Building The Business