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In light of this blog going to tackle my transition to the real world, I would like to share with you the story of my first day working. 726 more words

Say it loud

Copywriting tip no. 92

When you’re writing, say your words out loud before settling on a final draft.

Everyone knows this, right? Whether we want to be known as the office loon, is another matter. 235 more words

I'm Real?

Do I get real on this blog or focus on being funny? Can I do both? Why the heck not.

I’m feeling a little unsure of myself lately, as we all do. 296 more words

Am I Qualified?

As my time to actively look for a job after graduation draws nearer (let’s be honest, I should be actively looking all the time, but bear with me) I go on one of my favorite sites to look for jobs/internships in the entertainment industry, … 398 more words


Hire me as a chef

Laxman Chapagain 0476182888 lchapagain4@gmail.com

Career Objective
I want to succeed in a stimulating and challenging environment, building the success of the company while I experience advancement opportunities. 326 more words

Hire Me

Trying Endlessly to Find Love


Love isn’t a problem actually, it’s finding a job I love that is my issue!

Last year I completed a 120 hour TEFL course and I have since been going through what can only be described as… 302 more words

Keith Noakes Resume

I haven’t written about my own situation in a while so I thought I’d give you an update. I’ve been looking for a job for myself for a very long time. 381 more words

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