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Preference vs. Requirement

I’d like to share some thoughts about how job postings are written, in particular to qualifications that are nice-to-have, preferred or required.  I once interviewed with a company and progressed through five rounds, a combination of phone calls and on-site meetings.  243 more words


Best Friend For Hire, Entry 175

“You really don’t need to go out. I will gladly cover the lost income if that will dissuade you. Duncan seems to be enjoying your company immensely.” claimed Alma, who had walked with me out to the drive as I was leaving for today’s job. 1,499 more words

Efficient labour is the key to the day to day success and development of an organization

However technology has advanced these days, nobody can underestimate the fact that man made factors are equally important in the day to day running whether it’s for residential or commercial purposes. 440 more words

Labour Hire Services

5 Things To Consider For Party Hire – Byron Bay | Submit Guest Posts

But an enjoyable and memorable event requires serious planning. You need to get organised so that every detail is looked after. And you need, most importantly, the right sort of help. 7 more words

Why your outdoor wedding is incomplete without marquee hire specialists?

The wedding is a ceremony when the two hearts unite and it takes place either at a house of worship or at some outdoor locations. When it comes to an outdoor wedding, it either can be at a beach, at a garden or may be in your own backyard. 382 more words


Best Friend For Hire Reprise, Entry 54

After we finished shopping, Mai and I insisted that James join us for tea and a movie, since he was trying to slip off all too quickly. 2,018 more words