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Pre-Hiring Your First Employee

There are a few things that you must do before hiring your first employee, depending on your business you may need to do more or less of what is mentioned here. 276 more words

Business Advice

This Is Why You Need To Know About Workers' Comp

If you are a small business with even just one employee, you must have Workers’ Compensation. It’s a topic most entrepreneurs really don’t like to think about. 366 more words


Why You Get What You Pay for in Recruitment

It can be tempting to try to recruit new employees yourself through online job listing websites or choosing the least expensive recruitment company that you can find. 330 more words


My journey in growing business

I am in four (4) years of business. So far so good the business profit, the customers, and the needs and wants.

So I decided of how will I grow my business? 552 more words


Find the best employees to contribute to your company

Turnover is an often overlooked cost of doing business. Sometimes it can run as high as 25% of salary and benefits. One way to reduce this cost is to hire wisely. 332 more words

Why Zero Experience Can Be a Good Thing in a Hire | Inc.com

How do you get a consumer to stop scrolling through Twitter and click on something your brand created? That was the question Karina Wilsher, global COO of New York City ad agency Anomaly, was faced with answering for her clients. 177 more words

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Taking the Pain out of Workers' Comp

You probably hear the words “workers’ compensation” and want to run in the other direction. It hasn’t always been easy to understand for small businesses and entrepreneurs. 179 more words