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3 Things Hiring Managers Wish Every Job Applicant Knew

Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of job applicants make the same mistakes over and over again. The truth is, there are a lot of things hiring managers wish they could tell you, but they can’t. 363 more words

Hiring Employees

Don't bad mouth your old job

Questions and Answers for an article in the Network Journal. Check out the actual article in the link below.

Is there any case when you should talk bad about an old job? 426 more words

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Creating a Caring Culture in Your Organization

Creating a culture of caring means putting a little personal into your professional life. Corporate culture is valued more today than ever before. When going for an interview, employees are no longer solely asking what the salary and benefits package looks like. 359 more words

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Why is HR Important for Small Business?

Human Resources is a term that encompasses many different things. Whether it be interviewing and hiring new employees, managing payroll, or handling compensation and benefits for employees, all fall under the definition of HR. 548 more words

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Tips to Reduce Employee Turnover in Your Company

High employee turnover cost businesses a lot of money. In fact, studies show that the cost of losing an employee ranges from 16%-213% of an employees’ annual salary. 310 more words

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How to Hire the Right People and Those to Avoid

All but the very largest businesses can become very “people-dependent”, therefore small changes in staffing can have much larger effects on the business.

Here are some helpful tips on hiring the right people. 382 more words


What Hiring Managers Really Want From You

Consider today’s saturated job market; you’re probably beaming with excitement now that you received the call you’ve been waiting for. We all know that you can only get the job offer if you perform well in the job interview. 318 more words

Hiring Employees