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I’mma leave this right here:


The above actually took place over 3 months ago, however, I had told myself that I would wait for the… 863 more words


Toys R Us® Careers R Us As Hiring Approach

The “Now Hiring” may be trite but is completely effective in communicating its message. A bit of professionalism and branding is added by the followup “Apply today at Ruscareers.com.” Where else would you expect to find Toys R Us and Babies R Us hiring info than at a Careers R Us website?  246 more words

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Babies R Us Hiring Approach is Playful. Are You?

Babies R Us solicits hiring interest playfully in-store near the exit. Details are offered in business-like prose, but the graphic adds a fun footnote. If you love all-things-baby, this could be the career for you. 273 more words

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Geoffrey Is Now Hiring Toys R Us® Inflatable

A Geoffrey “Now Hiring” Inflatable for Halloween at Toys R Us, with the mascot lending a hand as attention compeller. If you look close you’ll see these are actually Geoffrey Birthday Club Balloons, but no matter. 521 more words

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Toys R Us® Entry Sign Hiring For 5 Positions

Store-entry signage at Toys R Us was formally printed listing at least five positions: Cashiers, Sales Team Members, Stock Crew, Overnight Positions, and Early Morning Staff… 323 more words

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Branded Balloons Bolster Walmart® Hire List

Yes a new, better job is reason for celebration, which Walmart does here in advance with celebratory Helium Balloons. Branded they help project a major chain image, while the slight motion helps catch the eye and focus attention on the draped-branded table. 578 more words

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"Death by HR" - Diversity Programs Don't Work

As we’ve seen, HR costs continue to rise because cost savings from outsourcing are swallowed up by increasing regulatory burdens. The hiring of “Chief Diversity Officers” (CDOs), HR executives making a median salary of… 3,376 more words