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Wagyu - A cure for the flu? (Dinner at Hiroshi, Los Altos)

After having pneumonia in 2011, I don’t get sick too often. So imagine my surprise when I got a tingle in my throat earlier in the week, which escalated to a fever the next night (during a coding exam no less – which I aced!), and then full blown coughs, 102°F fever, and aches the next day.   809 more words

Eating Out

Transmogrified - All Watercolor Paintings of Main Characters

Here are all of the watercolor portraits of my characters together for all to see and enjoy!

“Dr. M” by T. VanEeckhoutte

Hiroshi Moroboshi by T. 53 more words


Transmogrified - Watch Me Paint Hiroshi Moroboshi!

Here is yet another video where I paint a character from Transmogrified: Hiroshi Moroboshi. I’m on a roll! He’s a rather handsome fellow, don’t you think? 6 more words


Hiroshi Yoshida

I have been inspired how Yoshida builds up perspective by the use of various printing blocks. Working from the background to the foreground, you get a greater sense of depth and atmosphere.  23 more words

Kizumonogatari Tekketsu-hen: Interview with Hiroshi Kamiya

The following article was originally part of the Kizumonogatari Tekketsu-hen booklet that was included at the premiere of the film in theaters. The interview has been translated by Twitter user… 1,737 more words