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NJPW - The New Beginning in Sapporo - Minoru Suzuki v Hiroshi Tanahashi - Analysis

Grapple game early on.

Submission attempt by Tanahashi, Suzuki reverses it by grabbing Tanahashi’s left leg.

Tanahashi tries to get Suzuki to submit.

Armbar by Suzuki using the ropes. 239 more words


WrestleKingdom 12 (WK12) - Hiroshi Tanahashi v Jay White - IWGP Intercontinental Championship

Hard-hitting match early on.

Tanahashi injures his knee after jumping over the top rope.

White now targeting Tanahashi’s knee.

White in control now because of Tanahashi’s knee. 140 more words


Hiroshi Fujiwara to showcase "Slumbers" at #FR2 Gallery, Tokyo

Japanese designer, musician and producer Hiroshi Fujiwara is to showcase his ‘Slumbers’ photo exhibition at #FR2 Gallery.  Viewers can be expected to find themselves immersed in the experience of being deep in the forest, with a full interactive concept.   78 more words

Happy Halloween - 2017!

This may be a bit late, but here’s a Halloween-themed silhouette picture I created of my main characters from Transmogrified. (From left to right: Terry, Eugene, “Dr. M,” Hiroshi, and Kim.)


Wagyu - A cure for the flu? (Dinner at Hiroshi, Los Altos)

After having pneumonia in 2011, I don’t get sick too often. So imagine my surprise when I got a tingle in my throat earlier in the week, which escalated to a fever the next night (during a coding exam no less – which I aced!), and then full blown coughs, 102°F fever, and aches the next day.   809 more words

Eating Out

Transmogrified - All Watercolor Paintings of Main Characters

Here are all of the watercolor portraits of my characters together for all to see and enjoy!

“Dr. M” by T. VanEeckhoutte

Hiroshi Moroboshi by T. 53 more words