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My First Impression of Norman

From the first time I noticed Norman I knew he would be one. Not the one; But simply just one. I do not believe he even noticed me watching him from the inside of Bob’s café and eatery. 330 more words


The Ending of One The Beginning of Another

He continued on his journey of wandering nowhere.

Intermittently walking slowly then fast, slower then faster, every now and then stopping to rub his belly. He stopped suddenly in front of a trendy restaurant. 291 more words


Still Following…

I followed him just to see what else he would do, panhandle maybe.

Looking at him never provoked the Urge, but evoked my curiosity. He hurriedly walked down the street, as if he was going somewhere, but in actuality he was just placing one foot in front of the other. 473 more words


The Homeless Man

Have you ever watched a homeless person? Watched them try to go unnoticed, but being noticed more than when they were considered viable. Amazing how people scorn those that just decided life under the radar is better. 499 more words