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The two major Political Parties are continually changing strategy and morphing into a different look as times change.  A case in point is the democratic party of the 1920s as compared to the party today.  517 more words

Black Votes Matter!

When the votes are tallied. Various interest groups will look at who voted in what numbers and draw their conclusions. Four years ago, Republicans effectively decided to dismiss any hope of effective outreach to Black voters while simultaneously recognizing their need to grow their base and attract Hispanic voters in particular. 842 more words

El voto hispano acude masivamente a las urnas

Todo parece indicar que estas eleccciones van a fijar un nuevo record de participación en cuanto al voto hispano. Lo cual, por supuesto, parece que va a jugar en contra de Trump. 159 more words

Presidenciales 2016

Trump and Latino Voters

Donald Trump’s track record with Latino voters isn’t great to say the least. He has offended them over the course of his campaign and it’s really showing. 135 more words

The road to the White House runs through Latinolandia or not

Houston, TX November 5, 2016- As of this writing we are four days away from a historic election that will dramatically affect our lives for decades to come. 1,410 more words

Community Spotlight

Minority Voters Could Swing the 2016 Election

Demographer William H. Frey of Brookings looks at how America’s growing minority population might vote in the 2016 presidential election and beyond.

Look here for more. 45 more words