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National Hispanic Health Foundation

The NHHF offers Health Professions Scholarships of $5,000 (eleven) and $2,000 (nine) to US citizens who are Hispanic or concerned with health in Hispanic communities. Requirements include the scholarship application form, a brief personal statement, a current curriculum vitae, one letter of recommendation and a grade transcript (or enrollment verification for M1 students). 19 more words


Latino Medical Student Association

The LMSA offers a $500 scholarship to a medical student from one of a dozen states, including Virginia, who is a member of the LMSA (you may join now) with an interest in Latino healthcare. 46 more words


Hispanic Scholarship Fund

The HSF offers scholarships of $1,000 to $5,000 to full-time graduate students of Hispanic heritage who are citizens or legal permanent residents of the US. Applicants must be pursuing their first graduate degree and must complete the FAFSA. 10 more words


Bolivar Network (aka BN and La Red Bolivar) Graduate Book Scholarships

Bolivar Network (aka BN and La Red Bolivar) Graduate Book Scholarships

Two $450 scholarships will be awarded to Latino/Latin UVA graduate students to help with the high costs of textbooks.  155 more words


American Society of Hematology

American Society of Hematology

The ASH’s Minority Medical Student Award Program offers 8 to 12 week summer research experiences in the study of hematology.

Minorities include American Indians, Native Alaskans, Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders, Blacks or African Americans, and Hispanics or Latinos. 62 more words

Asian/Pacific Islander/Native Alaskan

American Medical Association (AMA) Foundation

AMA Minority Scholars Awards

Seven $10,000 scholarships are awarded annually to medical school students who are permanent residents or citizens of the U.S.  Eligible students from traditionally underrepresented groups in the medical profession include African American/Black, American Indian, Native Hawaiian, Alaska Native and Hispanic/Latino and must currently be in M1 or M2.  151 more words


American Association of University Women

The AAUW offers scholarships of $5,000 to $18,000 to female med students in M3 or M4 from minority groups including Black/African Americans, Mexican/Hispanic Americans, Native Americans, Native Alaskan Americans and Asian/Pacific Islander Americans. 58 more words

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