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Trump's Nazi Regime; the End of America

Trump’s administration, in concert with Jeff Sessions, is mimicking the actions of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi government in 1930’s Germany. Trump is separating children from their parents in the same manner that Nazi Germany acted in Hitler’s attempt to murder all Jews. 387 more words

ICE; The American Gestapo

After 9/11 our government panicked. Several agencies and policies were created which were unconstitutional and our failed government continues to support them. The worst was the ‘Patriot Act’ which removes freedoms from millions of American citizens. 408 more words

Trump and the “Fake News” have Failed Puerto Rico's Americans

After hurricanes damaged two states whose electoral votes were gifted to Donald Trump, his administration hurried to assist in the repairs of homes and businesses. However, when 3.4 million Americans lost everything after Hurricane Maria destroyed the island of Puerto Rico, progress was slow and shoddy. 258 more words

The Troubling History of America's Immigration Policies

The United States of America has always had a troubling history when it comes to immigration. Many look at our current government’s immigration policies in disbelief asking themselves how can a nation that recognizes itself as the beacon of freedom, tolerance, and liberty of the world be running counter to exactly that. 707 more words

Stoicism and the US War on Drugs

The War on Drugs is the name given to the campaign by the US Federal Government of prohibiting drugs and giving military aid and intervening to disrupt the illegal drug trade.  259 more words


Self Identity

I remember when I was in 1st grade. I came home from school and asked my mom. “What am I?” She asked me what did I mean. 961 more words

Statistics Aren't Racist

The Institute for Family Studies has a fascinating article titled Baby Bust: Fertility is Declining the Most Among Minority Women. In it, they make a claim I’ve never heard before: the declining birth rates actually favor the white demographic. 1,426 more words