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On My Block: More than Entertainment

Hours after the clock struck midnight on March 29, On My Block watchers were left filled to the brim with mixed emotions. Despite the long wait, the cliffhanger of Ruby’s and Olivia’s possible death from season 1 has made fans anxious for answers, yet unprepared for what is stored in the future. 592 more words

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How Hispanics Really Feel About Trump

Stella Rouse, University of Maryland and Shibley Telhami, University of Maryland

For the first time in history, Hispanic voters are expected to be the largest minority group in the 2020 electorate, … 881 more words


Sharing Research in Honor of National Minority Health Month

April is National Minority Health Month, sponsored by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of Minority Health (OMH), and the theme this year is Active & Healthy, which underscores how physical activity promotes health and reduces the risk of chronic diseases  such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and stroke, which are among the most common causes of disability in the US. 595 more words

Scary Assault Weapons

In the wake of the horrible disaster that’s taken place in New Zealand, their prime minister has decided to ban all scary guns. This is good news for the progressive movement, as this small experiment will show those ignorant right wingers the folly of thinking anything bad could come of forcefully removing weapons from the hands of law abiding citizens. 525 more words